Activities to Teach Students to Order Fractions With Like Numerators or Denominators

Fractions are a fundamental part of mathematics that can be difficult for students to understand. One of the critical skills when working with fractions is being able to order them. Ordering fractions requires a solid understanding of the relationship between fractions, and it is essential for math problems involving fractions. Fortunately, there are numerous activities and exercises to help students develop this skill. In this article, we will explore some of the best activities to teach students how to order fractions with like numerators or denominators.

1. Comparing Fractions with Number Lines

Number lines are an excellent tool for teaching students how to order fractions. Draw a line and mark the starting point as zero, and the endpoint as one. Then, place fractions on the number line, with a marker showing the ordering of the fractions. Students can visually see which fraction is more significant and which is lesser and understand the concept of ordering fractions.

2. Fraction War

This game requires just a deck of cards without face cards. Two players draw two cards each, and they make a fraction out of each card, so they have two fractions each. Then, they compare their fractions and see who has the bigger fraction so that player wins. This game is an easy and fun way of teaching students how to order fractions.

3. Build a Fraction Tower

This activity requires math manipulatives such as fraction circles, rectangles, and squares. Ask students to construct a tower using the manipulatives in order of size, either ascending or descending. Students can work in pairs or individually and present their towers to the class. This activity helps them develop spatial reasoning and provides visual cues for ordering fractions.

4. Fraction Critters

For this activity, students draw different fractions and create Fraction Critters. They should use different colors to denote different fractions and then order their Fraction Critters according to the size of the fractions. Students can display their Fraction Critters to the class and explain why each fraction appears in the order they chose. This activity provides an opportunity for creativity and innovation while reinforcing the skill of ordering fractions.

5. Fractions Around the Room

This game requires students to find fractions around the room or in a given area and then order them based on size. Pre-print fractions on index cards and distribute the cards around the room. Students find the fraction cards and order them on a chart. This activity develops both their critical thinking and physical skills.

In conclusion, ordering fractions is an essential skill for math students to acquire, and these activities provide a fun and engaging way to teach and reinforce the concept. By incorporating these activities into lessons, teachers can ensure that students have the foundational skills to solve math problems involving fractions. Students will enjoy learning how to order fractions and will be better equipped to master other math concepts in the future.

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