Activities to Teach Students to Perform Multiple Operations With Whole Numbers

Mathematics is an essential subject of any educational curriculum. Nevertheless, many students find arithmetic operations challenging to perform, especially when it comes to multiple operations with whole numbers. Teachers can make the learning of arithmetic operations easy by introducing exciting activities that entertain learners and provide a platform to enhance their intellectual ability. The following are activities that can help teachers teach multiple operations with whole numbers to students:

1. Balancing Equation Game

Teachers can introduce a balance equation game to help students learn multiple operations with whole numbers. In this activity, teachers can provide cards with numbers and operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Students can then be asked to balance the equation by arranging the cards in a way that makes both sides equal.

2. Math Facts Scavenger Hunt

The Math Facts Scavenger Hunt is another excellent activity that can help students learn multiple operations with whole numbers. Before the hunt commences, the teacher can print or draw flashcards with numbers and operations and hide them in different locations around the classroom. Students can then be given a predetermined amount of time to try and find as many cards as possible. Once they have all the cards, they will be asked to solve the arithmetic operations. To make the activity more challenging, teachers can set the time limit shorter or use large numbers.

3. Dice Game

Teachers can bring the game of dice into the learning experience by introducing it as an activity to teach students how to perform multiple operations with whole numbers. In this activity, the teacher can hand students a pair of dice, one with numbers and the other with the operations. Students can then roll the dice and solve the arithmetic problem that the dice display.

4. Word Problem Game

The word problem game activity provides an opportunity for students to strengthen their problem-solving skills while simultaneously learning multiple operations with whole numbers. Teachers can create teams of students and provide each team with a set of word problems written on cards. The teams will compete to solve the problem within the shortest time possible.

5. Math Art

Math art is an enjoyable activity for students that can help them learn and understand arithmetic operations better. Teachers can create a worksheet with arithmetic problems and have students solve the problems and then use the result to create a design or picture. Students can then share their work with their classmates.

In conclusion, math can be a challenging subject for students, especially when it comes to performing multiple operations with whole numbers. However, with these creative activities, teachers can make the learning experience enjoyable and straightforward for students while also instilling problem-solving skills.

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