Activities to Teach Students to Read Historical Fiction With Illustrations

Historical fiction with illustrations can be an engaging way to introduce students to historical events and figures while promoting their reading skills.

Here are some activities that can help teachers teach students to read historical fiction with illustrations:

1. Picture Walk:

Begin by taking the students on a picture walk. Have them examine the book’s cover and look at the illustrations throughout the book. Ask them to think about what time period the book is set in and what they notice about the illustrations.

2. Timeline:

Create a timeline of the historical events and figures mentioned in the book. Have the students plot these events and figures on the timeline and discuss their significance.

3. Character Study:

Study the characters in the book and have the students create character profiles. Discuss how the characters’ backgrounds and experiences influence their actions and decisions.

4. Comparing and Contrasting:

Have students compare and contrast the historical events and figures in the book to what they already know about the topic. This can be done through discussion or writing.

5. Mapping:

Have students map out the geographic locations mentioned in the book. This will help them visualize the setting and understand the characters’ journeys.

6. Cause and Effect:

Discuss the cause and effect relationships in the book. Have students identify the events that led to certain outcomes and discuss their implications.

7. Research:

Encourage students to research the time period, events, and figures mentioned in the book. This will help them understand the historical context and perspective of the story.

8. Analyzing Illustrations:

Finally, have the students analyze the illustrations in the book. Discuss how the illustrations contribute to the story and what emotions they evoke.

In conclusion, reading historical fiction with illustrations can be a fun and informative way to promote students’ reading skills. By using these activities, teachers can help students understand the historical events and figures that make up our world.

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