Activities to Teach Students to Read Multisyllabic Words

As students progress in their reading abilities, they will need to tackle more complex words. Multisyllabic words can be tricky, but there are many fun activities that teachers can use to help their students read and spell these longer words.

Word sorts

Give students a set of words and have them sort the words by the number of syllables. This helps them practice decoding and identifying different types of syllables.

Syllable puzzles

Create blank puzzles with a word broken up into its syllables. Have students match the syllables to form the whole word.

Word ladders

Start with a word and challenge students to change one letter at a time to form a new word. This activity helps students understand how changing one phoneme can create a new word.

Word building

Provide students with a set of letters, and have them create as many words as they can by combining the letters. This activity helps students identify common affixes and roots.

Tongue twisters

Encourage students to practice reading challenging multisyllabic words by using tongue twisters. These fun phrases require students to read quickly and accurately.

Chunks game

Write different affixes, prefixes, and suffixes on slips of paper. Have students draw a slip and attempt to create real words using that affix or suffix.

Read and color

Provide students with a picture and a set of multisyllabic words. Have them read each word and color in the area of the picture that matches the word. This activity helps students connect words with their meanings.

Word charts

Create a chart with a variety of multisyllabic words. Students can practice reading and spelling the words, focusing on identifying vowel sounds and syllable types.

Partner reading

Have students work in pairs to read multisyllabic words from a text. They can take turns reading words aloud and helping each other decode any tricky words.

Word hunts

Give students a passage of text and ask them to find all the multisyllabic words. This activity helps them practice identifying words they may not know, as well as decoding them.

By providing a range of activities to teach students to read multisyllabic words, teachers can help their students feel confident and capable in their reading abilities. These activities can be adapted for different learning styles and skill levels, making them a great addition to any classroom.

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