Activities to Teach Students to Read Passages About Business and Technology

Reading is an essential skill that every student needs in order to succeed in life. With the rise of business and technology, students must be proficient in reading and comprehending technical materials, such as research papers and industry reports.

Here are some activities that teachers can use to teach students how to read passages about business and technology.

Pre-reading activities:

Before students start reading, teachers can provide an introduction to the topic, preview the vocabulary used in the passage, and ask students to make some predictions about what they think the passage is about.

Close reading:

Students need to learn how to read texts closely and identify the main argument or point being made. This can be done by asking students to highlight keywords or phrases and take notes on what they mean.

Graphic organizers:

Teachers can use graphic organizers to help students organize their thoughts and identify key concepts when reading a technical text. Graphic organizers like mind maps and flowcharts can help students see the relationships between different ideas and concepts.


After students have read the passage, teachers can ask them to summarize it in their own words. This helps students to ensure that they have understood the main point, and to consolidate their reading comprehension.

Group discussions:

Teachers can create group discussions around the passage by dividing the class into groups and assigning each group a particular section of the text to read and discuss. This helps students to engage with the material and to learn from their peers.

Practical Applications:

Teachers can use real-world examples of the material being taught and encourage students to apply what they have learned. This can help students to better understand the relevance of the material and to see how it can be applied in their future careers.

In conclusion,Teaching students to read passages about business and technology is a critical task for educators today. With a range of activities such as pre-reading activities, close reading, graphic organizers, summarizing, group discussions, and practical applications, students can learn to read and comprehend complex materials. With these activities, students can become proficient in reading technical material related to business and technology, which will enable them to succeed in their future endeavors.

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