Activities to Teach Students to Read Sight Words Set 3: As, By, Four, Her, More, Some, Think, Way

Learning to read sight words is an essential skill for any young reader. Sight words are high frequency words that children should recognize by sight, rather than by sounding out the individual letters. In order to develop effective reading skills, students must first have a strong foundation in sight word recognition.

Set 3 of sight words includes the words: as, by, four, her, more, some, think, and way. These words are often encountered in early reading materials and are critical for fluency in reading. Here are some activities that can help students to master these words:

Word Wall

Create a word wall in your classroom with each of the sight words from Set 3. As students encounter these words in their reading, they can add them to the wall. Display the word wall in a prominent spot in the classroom, and use it as a reference during reading and writing activities.

Sight Word Bingo

Combine fun and learning with a game of Sight Word Bingo. Create bingo cards with the Set 3 words, and ask students to mark the words as they hear them. This game can be played as a whole class, small group, or individual activity.


Use flashcards to help students learn the Set 3 words. Print the words on index cards, and have students practice reading them aloud. For an added challenge, ask students to use the words in a sentence or to spell them.

Word Scavenger Hunt

Hide cards with the Set 3 words around the classroom, and ask students to search for them. As they find each word, they must read it aloud and use it in a sentence.

Read and Match

Print out the Set 3 words on small cards, and then print out the same words along with a simple sentence on larger cards. Ask students to match the smaller word cards with the larger sentence cards. For example, if a student has the word ‘way’, they might match it to the sentence ‘The dog ran down the way’.

These activities can help engage students in learning and remembering sight words. By incorporating these types of activities into your reading lessons, students will be able to develop a strong foundation in sight word recognition and will become better readers in the long run.

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