Activities to Teach Students to Solve a Nonlinear System of Equations

Nonlinear systems of equations can present a significant challenge to students when learning about algebraic equations. To help students overcome this challenge, teachers can utilize a range of activities that can help them develop their problem-solving skills and build their understanding of nonlinear systems of equations.

Manipulating graphs

Creating graphs and using them to solve nonlinear system equations is a great way to make this challenging topic easy for students. Students can create graphical solutions for nonlinear systems of equations by manipulating graphs to find the points where they intersect. For instance, when students solve a nonlinear system of equations by graphing, they should plot each expression on the same graph and then examine the point at which the curves intersect. They can then use their graphing calculator to obtain solutions for the point of intersection.

Using Online Resources

There are a ton of resources available online that students can use to learn about nonlinear systems of equations. These resources can provide an excellent platform for students to practice solving nonlinear systems of equations. Websites such as Khan Academy, Mathway, and IXL Learning offer extensive resources that cover various algebraic topics, including nonlinear systems of equations. Students can utilize these resources to practice solving nonlinear systems of equations and receive feedback on their progress.

Real-life Applications

It is important to highlight to students the usefulness of nonlinear systems of equations in real-life contexts. For example, in engineering and physics, nonlinear systems of equations are often used to solve complex problems. By emphasizing the practical uses of nonlinear systems of equations, students are more likely to become invested in the topic and more motivated to learn it. Students may find solving a nonlinear system of equations, such as a system of quadratic or exponential functions that determine how much a company should produce or charge for their product, particularly engaging.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is a powerful teaching strategy that can help students develop their problem-solving skills by working together to solve nonlinear systems of equations. Group activities, such as worksheets and whiteboard activities, can be particularly effective in teaching nonlinear systems of equations and also help students to develop their communication and teamwork skills. Working together as a team not only promotes engagement and skill development but also prepares students to work collaboratively in the future.

Nonlinear systems of equations pose a challenge to students when learning about algebraic equations. By utilizing the above activities, teachers can help students build their understanding of nonlinear systems of equations, and also develop critical skills that will benefit them in their future studies and everyday lives.  

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