Activities to Teach Students to Solve Equations Involving Like Terms

Solving equations involving like terms is an essential skill for any student learning mathematics. Like terms are mathematical terms that have the same variable part and same degree, such as 3x and 4x, or 2x^2 and 5x^2. In order to solve equations with like terms, students need to be able to combine them and use the properties of equality to find the solution. Teachers can use a variety of activities to help students learn how to solve these equations.

Activity 1: Simplify and Solve

The first activity in teaching students to solve equations involving like terms is the “Simplify and Solve” activity. In this activity, students are given equations that have multiple terms with like variables, and they must simplify the equation by combining like terms before solving for the variable. Teachers can provide students with a list of equations and guide them through the process of simplifying and solving each one. This activity helps students visualize how like terms are combined and gives them practice in using the properties of equality.

Activity 2: Interactive Whiteboard

Another way to teach students to solve equations involving like terms is to use an interactive whiteboard. In this activity, teachers can project equations onto the screen and ask students to identify the like terms. Students can then use the whiteboard to combine the like terms and simplify the equation. This activity is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about like terms and see how equations can be visually represented.

Activity 3: Interactive Games

Interactive games can also be used to teach students to solve equations involving like terms. Teachers can find online games that provide students with practice in simplifying and solving equations. These games often include multiple-choice questions or matching activities that require students to identify the like terms and simplify the equation. Students enjoy these games because they are interactive and competitive, and they can practice their skills independently.

Activity 4: The Math Lab

The Math Lab is a great activity for students to practice solving equations involving like terms. In this activity, students work in groups to simplify and solve equations. Teachers can provide students with a variety of equations and ask them to work together to find the solution. This activity promotes collaboration and helps students improve their problem-solving skills.


Teaching students to solve equations involving like terms can be challenging, but it is an important skill that they need to learn in order to succeed in mathematics. By using a variety of activities such as Simplify and Solve, Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive Games, and The Math Lab, teachers can help students develop their problem-solving skills and have fun while learning. With these activities, students will become more confident in their ability to solve equations and will be better prepared for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future.

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