Activities to Teach Students to Write Subtraction Sentences to Describe Pictures – Up to 18

As children learn to comprehend simple arithmetic, teaching them how to write subtraction sentences is an excellent and practical exercise to skill them up in maths, allowing them to develop the ability to understand and solicit solutions for subtraction problems. This lesson will take students through a simple lesson that uses fun pictures to teach subtraction sentences. The following activities are perfect for educators and parents to help their kids improve their math skills and get them excited about learning.

Activity One: Counting Objects

For this activity, provide students with pictures that display various objects on them. Instruct them to count the objects on each picture individually so that they know exactly what numbers they are working with. Then, ask them to write a subtraction sentence that describes how many objects are left on the picture after they’ve subtracted a certain number.

Activity Two: Roll Dice

In this activity, have students work in pairs to play a game where they roll two dice and subtract the smaller number from the larger one. Once they get the answer, they look for a picture that has the same number of objects left in it. Encourage students to keep playing until everyone has a winner.

Activity Three: Interactive Game

Finally, you can create an interactive game where students can practice whole group. For this activity, you can use a digital platform to display pictures with various objects, and students will write their subtraction sentences on their whiteboard. This activity is a fun and interactive way to teach students how to write subtraction sentences.

In conclusion, writing subtraction sentences is an essential skill for students to learn to solve problems using mathematics. Incorporating fun activities using pictures, dice, and interactive games are practical approaches to help students familiarize with subtraction sentences. These exercises encourage students to learn math by making it fun and engaging, and the use of visual aids helps aid in comprehension, increases confidence, and facilitates memorization of math facts. So, parents and educators, let’s help our students sharpen their math capabilities by getting creative and inject some fun into the process.

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