Activities to Teach Students to Write Subtraction Sentences to Describe Pictures – Up to Two Digits

Subtraction is an important mathematical concept that students must learn in their early years of schooling. As teachers, it is essential to introduce subtraction in a way that is engaging and meaningful for students. One way to do this is through activities that teach students to write subtraction sentences to describe pictures. In this article, we will discuss some fun and easy activities to teach students to write subtraction sentences for two-digit numbers.

1. Picture Subtraction

For this activity, you will need a collection of pictures that represent two-digit numbers. You can use pictures of animals, objects, or even people. Give each student a set of pictures and ask them to choose two pictures that they want to subtract from each other. Have them write a subtraction sentence to describe the difference between the two pictures.

For example, if a student chooses a picture of ten apples and a picture of four apples, they can write the subtraction sentence “10 – 4 = 6”. This activity reinforces the concept of subtraction and also helps students to develop their writing skills.

2. Subtraction Stories

Create a set of subtraction stories that represent two-digit numbers. Each story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end and involve the subtraction of two numbers. Students will read the story and write the subtraction sentence to describe what happened in the story.
For example, you can have a story about a farmer who has 25 carrots and gives 10 of them to his neighbor. The subtraction sentence would be “25 – 10 = 15”. This activity helps students to understand how subtraction can be used to solve real-life problems.

3. Subtraction Race

Divide students into pairs and give each pair a set of subtraction cards. Each card should have a picture that represents a two-digit number. When you say “go”, one student from each pair will choose two cards and write a subtraction sentence to describe the difference between them. The first student to correctly write the subtraction sentence wins a point for their team.

This activity is a fun way to engage students and keep them motivated while they learn to write subtraction sentences.

In conclusion, teaching students to write subtraction sentences to describe pictures is an effective way to reinforce their understanding of subtraction and develop their writing skills. These activities can be adapted to different grade levels and can be used in conjunction with other subtraction strategies. By incorporating fun and meaningful activities into your math lessons, you can help students to develop a love for learning and see math as an enjoyable subject.

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