Activities to Teach Students to Write the Addition Sentence – Up to Three Digits

Mathematics education is an essential subject that should be given necessary attention to help students develop a strong foundation in the subject. One area of mathematics that students should be proficient in is writing addition sentences of up to three digits. Writing addition sentences is an important skill that helps students to strengthen their problem-solving ability. It is, therefore, essential for teachers to incorporate activities that can help make learning about addition sentences fun and engaging to students. In this article, we will discuss some activities that teachers can implement to teach students how to write addition sentences of up to three digits.

1. Addition sentence chart

The addition sentence chart is an excellent way to help students understand the concept of addition. In this activity, the teacher creates a chart with different columns and rows. Each column represents a digit of the three digits, while each row represents the number of digits in the problem. For instance, the first column can represent the ones place, the second column can represent the tens place, and the third column can represent the hundreds place. The rows can be titled, such as “two-digit plus two-digits,” “three-digits plus two-digits,” and “three-digits plus three-digits.” The activity requires that students fill in the chart with the correct numbers to form addition sentences.

2. Dice Addition

Dice addition is a fun game that can be used to teach students how to write addition sentences. In this game, students are divided into pairs or groups. Each group is given a pair of dice. The teacher sets a timer for a specific amount of time, and the students roll the dice to get numbers. The students must add the numbers they get, and then they write the addition sentence on a sheet of paper. The group with the most addition sentences at the end of the time wins.

3. Addition bingo

Addition bingo is another fun game that can help students to write addition sentences. The teacher creates bingo cards with different addition sentences on them. The students are given counters to place on the bingo cards, and the teacher calls out addition problems for the students to solve. The first student to get a full row or column wins.

4. Addition Match

Addition match is an activity that can help students to match the correct numbers and form addition sentences. In this activity, students are given cards with numbers on them. They are then given a set of cards with the addition symbol on them. The students must match the number card with the correct addition symbol card to form an addition sentence.


In conclusion, writing addition sentences of up to three digits is an essential mathematical skill that students need to master. These activities discussed in this article are a great way to make learning about addition fun and engaging for students. Teachers can use these activities to provide students with the necessary skills to become proficient in writing addition sentences. With a strong foundation in addition, students can tackle more complex mathematical problems in the future.

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