Activities to Teach Students to Write the Addition Sentence – Up to Two Digits

As an educator, writing addition sentences is an essential skill that your students should master. It is one of the fundamental concepts in mathematics that builds a strong foundation for more advanced topics such as multiplication, division, and algebra. The addition sentence is the basis for solving word problems, mental math, and basic computational skills. But how can we teach this concept to young learners?

In this article, we will explore activities to teach students to write addition sentences up to two digits. These activities are engaging, simple, and effective in helping children understand the concept of addition.

1. Counting and Sorting Objects

The first activity to introduce addition sentences is counting and sorting objects. Provide your students with small objects such as buttons, counters, or bears. Ask them to count the total number of objects and write down the number. Then, ask them to sort the objects by color or size and count each group. After that, ask them to add the two groups together and write an addition sentence. For example, if they have five red bears and four blue bears, the addition sentence would be 5 + 4 = 9.

2. Number Line

Number lines are a visual aid that helps children understand addition. Draw a number line on the board and ask your students to plot two numbers on it. Show them how to count forward from the first number to the second number, and ask them to write the addition sentence. Repeat this activity with different numbers and encourage them to use the number line to check their answers.

3. Ten Frame Game

Ten frames are an excellent tool for teaching addition to young children. The ten frame has two rows of five boxes each and helps children understand the composition of numbers. Provide your students with a set of ten frames and counters. Ask them to place a certain number of counters on the ten frame and then add more counters. Count the total number of counters and write the addition sentence.

4. Dice Game

Dice games are fun and engaging activities to teach addition sentences. Ask your students to roll two dice and add the numbers together. Then, ask them to write the addition sentence. Repeat the game with different combinations of dice and encourage them to use mental math to solve the problem.

5. Addition Bingo

Bingo is a game that children love to play, and it can also be used to teach addition sentences. Create a bingo board with numbers up to 20, and provide your students with counters or bingo chips. Call out addition problems, and students should cover the correct number on their board. The first student to get a line of five numbers covered should shout “Bingo.”

In conclusion, teaching addition sentences to young learners requires creativity and fun. These activities help students understand the concept of addition, and with practice, they will be able to write addition sentences up to two digits with ease and confidence. Encourage your students to practice these activities at home, and they will soon become math masters!

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