Activities to Teach Students to Write the Subtraction Sentence – Up to Two Digits

Subtraction is one of the fundamental concepts in Mathematics, and it is important for students to master it at an early age. For many children, learning to write subtraction sentences can be a challenging task. However, with the right guidance and activities, students can easily understand and grasp the concepts of subtraction.
Here are some activities to teach students to write subtraction sentences up to two digits:

1. Subtraction Sentences with Manipulatives

Using manipulatives such as toy cars, blocks or counters, helps students to visualize subtraction. Place a set of manipulatives on a table and ask the students to count them. Write the total number of manipulatives on the board. Then ask the students to take away a certain number of manipulatives and count the remaining ones.
For example, let’s say you have a set of 12 manipulatives. The students can be asked to take away four from the set. After doing this, count the remaining eight manipulatives and write the subtraction sentence “12 – 4 = 8” on the board. Encourage students to make their individual manipulative sets and practice subtracting different numbers.

2. Subtraction Sentences with Pictures

Visual aids are valuable tools when teaching subtraction to young children. Use pictures of animals, fruits or any other fun images. Start with a picture of a set of ten apples. On the board, write the subtraction sentence “10 – 3 = 7”. Ask the students to count the apples, identify how many apples are being subtracted and remove them from the picture. Afterward, count the remaining apples and give the answer, which is seven.

3. Subtraction Sentences with Number Lines

A number line is a convenient tool that can be used to teach students subtraction up to two digits. Draw a number line from 0 to 20 and place a marker to indicate the starting point. Then, write a subtraction sentence on the board. For example, “15 – 7 = __” and ask the students to count backward and find the answer. Guide them to count 7 marks on the number line from 15 and then circle the number 8, which is the answer.

4. Subtraction Sentences with Games

Games can make the learning process more exciting and enjoyable. Use games such as bingo, dice, or card matching games to teach students subtraction. Divide a group of students into teams and give each team a set of 10 numbered cards. Call out a subtraction sentence, and the team that can hold up the correct answer card the fastest scores a point. Incorporating games allows students to relax and learn the concept in a less threatening environment.

In conclusion, activities that help students learn to write subtraction sentences up to two digits can be implemented using various teaching methods. With the use of manipulatives, pictures, number lines, and games, students can learn subtraction with ease. By utilizing these activities, students will develop a clear understanding of subtraction and gain a better foundation in Mathematics.

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