Advantages Of Streaming In Schools

Streaming is the process of grouping students with similar abilities. Students with similar skills are then united to create one class. The purpose of streaming is to allow students to move together at the same pace. 

A group with a similar ability range allows the teacher to maintain a consistent pace. Streaming also ensures that you are not leaving anyone behind. The tasks and challenges are suitable for everyone in the class, and the teacher can move at high speed with a competent student group. 

However, a group of slow students can be taught slowly. It gives the teacher more control over the class while allowing them to set an accurate pace. 

Positive Side Of a Streamed Classroom

When it comes to streamed classrooms, students learn at their convenience without fear of being left behind. Here are some benefits of streamed learning:

  • The confidence of students is improved, as everyone has similar abilities. This promotes healthy competition. 
  • Classmates motivate one another as they understand each other’s abilities. 
  • Students move to the next phase together, as there is no difference in their learning abilities. 

Disadvantages Of Unstreamed Classrooms

Unstreamed classrooms don’t promote healthy competition, as some students are gifted while others have average or lower learning abilities. Here are some disadvantages of an unstreamed class. 

  • Students with gifted abilities lose interest in the classroom, as they have no competition with other classmates. They get bored with the pace of the class. Since they are not adequately challenged or allowed to move ahead, they become careless. 
  • Students with lower abilities feel inferior, as they can’t compete with others. Their inability to meet the challenges demotivates them. These students can react in different ways, including truancy, rebellion, withdrawal, and indiscipline. They are more prone to be left behind if the teacher is not paying enough attention to them. 

Students Learn Perfectly In a Streamed Group

A streamed group is like traveling on a bus. Everyone is going at the same pace and towards the same destination. The teacher is the driver who guides them during the journey and helps whenever required. 

Think of an unstreamed class like a hiking trip. Everyone is going at their own pace. Children who are fit and healthy will take the lead. They will either stop for the remaining team or reach the destination only to wait for the remaining members. Similarly, the less fit children will be frustrated about their inability to keep up with the group. Both the gifted students and other students suffer in unstreamed classrooms.  

Concluding Thoughts

Streaming is an efficient way to teach kids at the right pace. Children can learn in a better manner without getting bored or feeling left behind. Everyone gets proper attention and motivates the others to keep moving. This ensures a healthy learning environment for everyone.

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