Adventure-Inspiring Map Activities for Young Learners

Are you looking for ways for your young learners to get active and push themselves beyond their comfort zone? Here are a few ideas for some adventure-inspired map activities that could be fun for them!

  1. Draw a map of your hometown and make it an adventure destination. Then, have the students travel around their hometown, taking in all the sights and sounds.
  2. Create a map of a world far away. This could be a fun project for students to venture into new countries or even different planets.
  3. Take a picture of a map and make it an adventure photo shoot. This could be a fun way to show off their map-making skills and have a happy moment with friends.
  4. Make a map of a specific destination and then take a journey to reach it. This could be a great project for kids who love adventures but don’t have the time or resources to go on them themselves.
  5. Print out a map and challenge your friends to make the best route possible. This could be a great fun way to have a competitive battle while exploring your map.
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