AI Has Started a Revolution in Education

Education has not had a revolution in over a century. Some schools still advocate for factory-style instruction. Bureaucratic red tape and top-down initiatives consume educators’ time, leaving little time for instruction.

The next revolution in teaching and learning is here and it is called AI. Artificial intelligence is taking schools and classrooms by storm as educators welcome artificial intelligence with open arms. AI has the power and promises to change education for the better.

Real-time Analytics

Already artificial intelligence is at work in most classrooms in the United States. Classrooms regularly rely on learning management systems to evaluate, aggregate and analyze learner data for improving achievement at all levels.

Artificial intelligence does so much more.

Administrators and educators can rely on content-monitoring artificial intelligence software that alerts them to flagged internet searches. By monitoring the sites learner search, educators can step in if learners seek to harm others or themselves. Artificial intelligence does the time-consuming work that educators cannot do in their classrooms.

With AI monitoring, there is less off-task behavior. Artificial intelligence places the focus back on classroom instruction and engagement, where it should be.

Authentic Synergy in the Classroom

Some educators worry that they’ll lose their jobs when artificial intelligence takes over classroom instruction. Advanced tech is pushing them out the door, they say. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although it is true that artificial intelligence will automate and direct most of the learning activities and educator tasks in classrooms, learners will still need their educators to instruct them in social skills and other human characteristics that artificial intelligence cannot reproduce or imitate.

The educator will still be in charge of the classroom, orchestrating learning and optimizing programs to help every learner. Artificial intelligence offers the ability to customize one-on-one instruction in a way that no educator can do alone.

Personalized learning programs that use AI captivate and engage learners in ways that whole class or small group instruction cannot. The learning is individualized, designed to meet learners where they are and provide exactly what they need when they need it.

AI teaching and learning make an authentic synergy that will bring out the best in learners and educators.

The Time for a Revolution is Now

The education revolution will help in three areas :

·      Mindfulness. It is challenging to teach everything, so what is included in the curriculum must be about more than material. Learning must be mindful.

·      Personalization. The days of a universal curriculum are over. The curriculum should be customized for every learner based on individual needs.

·      Collaboration. Using artificial intelligence as a tool for a revolution in education requires that the administration, educators, and unions work together to revolutionize what school looks like, how it operates, and what it does for learners.

According to Sheldon, the biggest danger lies in failing to integrate AI in schools now. Other industries have already embraced artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is transforming the education landscape in ways that most other initiatives haven’t been able to do. If you’re looking to democratize education, you’re probably going to do it with AI.

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