American History Essay Topics to Write about

American History Topics to Write about

  1. The 20th Century.
  2. America’s Role in Normandy Landings.
  3. Conquest of California.
  4. The Great Depression.
  5. USA: Colonial History.
  6. The Oregon Trail.
  7. African American Slave Trade.
  8. Who Was Harriet Tubman?
  9. America in the Modern World.
  10. Klondike Gold Rush.

American History 1878-1899

  1. Immigrants and their Ideas of the American Dream
  2. Social Reforms during the Progressive Era
  3. American Foreign Policy in the 1890s
  4. The Importance of the Progressive Era Reforms
  5. Race Relations during the Progressive Era Reforms
  6. Japanese Americans Immigration in the 19th century

20th Century US History Topics

  1. The Rise of Capitalism
  2. Work Environments during the Progressive Era
  3. Women’s Suffrage Movement in America
  4. The Causes and Effects of Women’s Suffrage Movement in the US
  5. Changes in American Government after WWI
  6. Is Prohibition to Blame for the Organized Crime in the United States?
  7. Japanese American Discrimination during the Great Depression
  8. How Did Roosevelt Plan to End the Great Depression?
  9. The Great Depression and What Is the New Deal?
  10. The Role of the United States during World War 2
  11. Why Did the United States Fight and Lose the Vietnam War?
  12. The War in Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement
  13. A Comparison of the Traditional and the Revisionist Arguments Regarding the Origins of the x Cold War
  14. The Cold War and US Diplomacy
  15. The Cold War and How it Influenced American Society

Cool American History Topics

  1. Native American tribes in the US History
  2. What Was Discussed at the Constitutional Convention?
  3. The History of the Statue of Liberty
  4. Henry Ford and How His Inventions Changed America
  5. Moon Landing Conspiracy
  6. The War on Drugs in US History
  7. Illegal Immigrants in the US
  8. The American Sense of Humor
  9. The History of Gangs in the US
  10. What Did Hippies Believe In?
  11. History of Hippie’s Culture
  12. The History of the Fifth Amendment

Most Interesting American History Topics

  1. The Relationships between Federal and State Governments
  2. Was There a Need to Bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  3. The Cold War: Origins, Causes, Phases, and the Results
  4. Why and How the Cold War Was Fought
  5. The US Army in the Iraq War
  6. The Iraq War: Background and Issues
  7. Why Did the Iraq War go against the plan?
  8. Executive Orders and Presidential Power in the United States
  9. History of the American Constitution
  10. The Turning points of the American Revolution

Black American History Essay Topics

  1. African American Music as a Form of Resistance
  2. African American Religion and Spirituality in the United States
  3. The 13th Amendment and the End of Slavery
  4. Gender and Jim Crow
  5. The Role of Martin Luther King, Jr in The Civil Right Movement
  6. Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a dream”
  7. The Significance of the Harlem Renaissance
  8. Barack Obama: The First African American President
  9. Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms
  10. Has Obama’s Presidency changed America?

Fun US History Essay Topics

  1. The Cowboy Culture in the US
  2. How Did Yellow Journalism Start?
  3. Why Is Superman the most American of all the heroes?
  4. The History of American Flag
  5. History of Sports in the United States
  6. History of Thanksgiving Turkey in the United States
  7. How Did Highways Change the United States of America?
  8. American History through Hollywood Film

Easy American History Essay Topics

  1. British Colonization of the Americas
  2. Slavery and Racism in the United States
  3. The Puritans Influence on the American Society
  4. The Pilgrims and the Puritans
  5. The Causes of the Vietnam War
  6. Why Was Martin Luther King Assassinated?
  7. American Moon Landing

US History Essay Questions

  1. What Are Major Events in the US History?
  2. What Started the US History?
  3. What Is the Most Important Piece of the US History?
  4. What Is the US History Summary?
  5. What City Was the First Capital in the US History?
  6. What Was the First American State in the US History?
  7. What Are Some Controversies in the US History?
  8. How Far Was the New Deal a Turning Point in the US History up to 1941?
  9. How the Airplane Industry Changed US History?
  10. What Was President Reagan Known For in the US History?
  11. How Reagan’s Ideology Shaped the US History?
  12. Why Is the Reagan Revolution in the US History?
  13. How Richard Nixon Influenced the US History?
  14. What Vietnam War Showed About US History?
  15. Did the Concept of Imperialism Exist in the US History?
  16. Why Did the Wars in the Middle East Go Down in the US History as Unnecessary?
  17. What Is the Most Popular Ideology in the US History?
  18. How Does the US History Describe George W. Bush?
  19. How Did the Use of Nuclear Weapons in Japan Affect the US History?
  20. What Are Some Horrible and Forgotten Events in the US History?
  21. Is Donald Trump the Second Worst President in the US History?
  22. What Was the Biggest Political Miscalculation in the US History?
  23. Who Is the Most Overrated First Lady in the US History?
  24. How Well Do US History Teachers Really Know About the US History?
  25. Who Was the Wimpiest President in the US History?
  26. Who Are Some of the Great Asian Americans in the US History?
  27. What Was the Most Corrupt Time in the US History?
  28. What Was the Bloodiest Single Day Battle in the US History?
  29. Who Is the Greatest Hero in the US History?
  30. How Did King Philip’s War Change the US History?
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