American Public University System and Home School Legal Defense Association Partner to Help Home Schooling …

American Public University System and Home School Legal Defense Association Partner to Help Home Schooling Families Thrive

In an exciting new development for the home schooling community, the American Public University System (APUS) has announced a partnership with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). This collaboration aims to provide home schooling families with access to high-quality online education resources, while also ensuring their legal rights are protected throughout their educational journey.

APUS, a respected provider of online higher education, will offer HSLDA members exclusive discounts on its wide range of courses and degree programs. From dual-enrollment opportunities for high schoolers to continuing education for parents, APUS’s flexible online model is perfectly suited to the needs of home schooling families. HSLDA members will also benefit from personalized academic advising, helping them navigate APUS’s extensive catalog and create customized learning plans.

Simultaneously, HSLDA will provide APUS students and families with the legal guidance and protection that has been the hallmark of their organization for over 35 years. As home schooling continues to grow in popularity, families may face legal challenges or misinformation about their rights. Through this partnership, APUS families will have access to HSLDA’s expert legal team, educational consultants, and extensive resources.

The APUS-HSLDA partnership represents a powerful investment in the home schooling community. By combining APUS’s academic excellence with HSLDA’s legal expertise, home schooling families will be equipped to succeed like never before. With flexible, high-quality learning opportunities and the confidence of knowing their rights are protected, families can focus on what truly matters – providing their children with the best possible education.

This partnership underscores the growing recognition of home schooling as a valid, valuable educational choice. As APUS and HSLDA work together, they will create a model for supporting home schooling families that can be replicated nationwide. For the thousands of families who have chosen to take control of their children’s education, this partnership is a welcome development and a testament to the power of collaboration in advancing educational freedom.

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