An Activity to Help Learners Identify Their Academic and Non-Academic Strengths

This approach employs creativity to find out about the strengths of the learners within the class.

To begin this exercise, find out if learners know what business cards are and the purpose of having a business card.

Once this is done, have learners create business cards to share with the class their expertise in both academic and non-academic tasks.

Ask each learner to identify his own strength in areas such as math, vocabulary, and reading.

After this dialogue is done, have the learner design a business card for him or herself on an index card. The business cards can be posed in a photo album or on the wall. When learners need help, they can consult the “resident expert” for the appropriate topic.

For those learners who are tech-savvy, go out to this website to create FREE business cards. This might enhance the approach since learners could then pass out multiple copies of their business cards for future reference.

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