Anxious Attachment: Signs, Causes & How To Heal

Anxious attachment is a term used to refer to a pattern of behavior in which individuals excessively rely on relationships to provide security and stability. Individuals with anxious attachment often experience anxiety and insecurity in interpersonal relationships.

There are signs that indicate an individual is attached anxiously. These signs may include: withdrawing from social activities, relying excessively on others, being afraid or anxious in new environments, experiencing difficulty trusting others, and expressing intense fear, sadness, or anger in response to stress or separation from a loved one.

There are a number of causes of anxious attachment. Some of these causes may include experiencing parental neglect or abuse, experiencing traumatic events in childhood, being raised in a single-parent household, having a difficult relationship with a parent or caretaker, or having a personality trait known as “avoidant attachment.”

There are a number of ways to heal from anxious attachment. Some of these methods may include undergoing therapy, getting support from friends or family, practicing self-care, engaging in enjoyable activities, and engaging in activities that make you feel secure.

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