Arriving at a Definition of Learning

A definition of learning is a concise statement of the essential elements of learning. Although different people may have their own understanding of what constitutes learning, a definition should capture the essential features of learning that are common to most people.

There is no definitive answer to the question of what constitutes a definition of learning as the definition itself is a matter of definition. However, some elements that may be included in a definition of learning include the following:

  1. Learning is a process of acquiring new information.
  2. Learning is an ongoing process that occurs throughout a person’s life.
  3. Learning occurs in both formal and informal settings.
  4. Learning is influenced by both the individual and the environment.
  5. Learning can be improved through practice and repetition.
  6. Learning is a cognitive process that occurs in the brain.
  7. Learning occurs when a person encounters new information.
  8. Learning is influenced by the individual’s experiences.
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