Artificial Intelligence is About to Change Everything

You use AI every day, but don’t realize how much interaction you have with it. Naturally, artificial intelligence is impacting education as well.

K-12 Education Settings

AI is already established in K-12 settings, and the tech appears in varied forms.

Most educators rely on voice assistants to perform mundane tasks such as, “Set the timer for five minutes.” The devices are handy tools for tech-savvy educators wanting to be more efficient in the classroom.

Learners interact with a customized curriculum that uses lessons based on results gathered from adaptive branching assessments. The same software suggests interventions to educators and gathers data for analysis.

Other artificial intelligence applications in the classroom include intelligent tutoring systems, alerts and warnings, and automated formative and summative grading and grade reporting.

Learners shouldn’t learn in silos. To be competitive and relevant, schools must teach analytic thinking and problem-solving skills that integrate teamwork across various subjects and from multiple geographic regions. Tech is the best solution for expanding the walls of the traditional classroom.

Higher Education

Once learners have entered higher education, they will rely even more on artificial intelligence.

Automated systems can assist learners in every aspect of selecting and enrolling in college. In fact, artificial intelligence may select who will and will not be accepted into university programs. Human resource departments use software built with algorithms for scanning cover letters and resumes. Candidates whose documents have a high match rate proceed to the next round.

Automated admissions systems will scan, vet and select the learners in colleges. To follow-up, they can send nudges to candidates for everything, from reminding them to complete their application to showing up for orientation.

Universities will also rely more on AI for organization. Professors make and collect a huge amount of information, and this learning is best shared with colleagues who could benefit from the work that’s been done. Curating the resources takes time unless machine intelligence steps in.

Quite simply, AI can automate work, freeing up time for other endeavors.

The Artificial Intelligence Promise

AI is becoming more integral to our daily way of life. As we permit artificial intelligence to take over our more mundane tasks and chores, we must remember that we prepare learners for a future we can’t yet see or know.

What we do know, however, is that artificial intelligence will change everything (except the need to interact with each other).

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