Asian groups’ complaints against Harvard dismissed by education department

According to, an Asian-American group filed a complain against Harvard University stating that they have put discriminatory practices in place to keep Asians out of the school.

“The complaint was filed in May with the department’s civil rights office by more than 60 Chinese, Indian, Korean and Pakistani groups. Education officials said the complaint was dismissed because similar concerns were the focus of a federal lawsuit.”

So, I guess, so much for that right now?

As mentioned by ABC News, the groups said that the policies of Harvard, and other Ivy League schools, aimed to keep a cap on the number of Asian students who are allowed to attend the institution of higher education.

But there is still hope. The education department didn’t dismiss the complaint because it lacked merit, rather they got rid of it because there is an on-going federal lawsuit that was filed with the same intent.

A spokesman for the group told NBC News that Harvard uses “racial quotas or racial balancing to admit students.”

In essence, the groups claim that these schools are using high test scores and academic achievement against Asian students while allowing less qualified students into the school based on the color of their skin.

This likely will be tough to prove as the percentage of Harvard’s students who are Asian grew by almost 5% over the last decade.


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