Assessing Creativity

Creativity is often misunderstood and undervalued. When assessing creativity, it is important to take a multifaceted approach that includes not only an evaluation of originality or novelty, but also the ability to solve problems and think outside the box. Here are some tips for assessing creativity:

1. Observe how the individual works. Are they constantly generating new ideas, or are they recycling old ones?

2. Ask the individual to describe a problem they’ve been working on for awhile. Are they able to provide a detailed description of the problem, as well as possible solutions?

3. Ask the individual to think about a problem or challenge that is currently facing their field. Are they able to come up with unique ways to approach the problem, or are they simply rehashing old ideas?

4. Evaluate the individual’s ability to come up with new ways of looking at old problems. Are they able to see the problem from a different perspective, or is their solution simply a recycled version of something else?

5. Ask the individual to come up with a solution to a problem that is completely new. Are they able to come up with a creative solution that solves the problem in an innovative way, or are they simply rehashing something that has been done before?

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