Astounding Space Activities For Kids

Space activities for kids are a great way to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. From exploring the universe to building a space station, there is something for everyone. Here are some great ideas to get your child started in space exploration:

  1. DIY Astronaut Attire
    Off to the astronaut training center we go! This hands-on learning activity makes for the perfect astronomy lesson. A cool idea is to use shimmering colors for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

More Information: Mini Mad Things

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  1. Space Suncatcher
    Want to be a rocket scientist and study the sun? Do it from the comfort of your own home! This suncatcher is a great way to make beautiful planet art and a perfect addition to any portfolio of space-themed activities.

More Information: Space Suncatchers

  1. Grow some space seeds
    Kindle your student’s desire for knowledge of space exploration by growing some seeds on a space lander. This activity is approved by NASA and loved by kids, making it perfect for any space unit.

More Information: Space Center Houston

  1. Edible moon cycle cookies
    These cookies are a hands-on activity and beautiful – true goodness in a bite. You can bake stars to light the night sky. Make all the outer space items you want; the more, the better, for your meal in space.

More Information: My Kids Lick the Bowl

  1. A Yummy Solar System
    Have come to space fun by making a huge rocket and a magnetic spaceman.  We recommend sending robots to space by replacing them with astronauts. Kids will also love making this rocket to space.

More Information: JDANIEL4SMom

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