Attachment Theory – Bowlby’s 4 Stages Explained

Attachment theory suggests that humans go through four stages in their development which can be labeled as secure, secure, insecure, and insecure. Dr. Attachment Theory Dr. Bowlby developed the theory.

The first stage is called the Pre-Attachment Stage: This is the stage in which the child is very insecure and has difficulty trusting anyone. They may cling to anyone and everything.

The second stage is called the Attachment Stage: This is when the child starts to form a strong and lasting connection with someone. They may start to act to protect that person and even start to love that person.

The third stage is called the Maintenance Stage: This is where the child starts to change their relationship with that person. They may start to care for that person more and expect that person to care for them.

The fourth stage is called the Recompense Stage: This is when the child starts to become more independent and starts to take care of themselves. They may stop relying on that person and start making their own decisions.

Bowlby’s theory has been proven to be correct on many occasions. For example, he has been proven to be correct in the development of secure attachments in children, as well as in the development of healthy personality traits. His theory is important for understanding the root cause of many different issues and can be used to improve the well-being of individuals.

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