Authentic Learning and Ed-Tech: The Perfect Match

Authentic learning incorporates real-world scenarios with education, giving learners meaningful experience and knowledge regarding their work. There are lots of benefits to this method of learning, making it an extremely popular technique. 

When ed-tech is leveraged to supplement authentic learning, learners’ gains are even more noticeable. This piece will examine why authentic learning and ed-tech are a match made in heaven. 

Learners and Tech

Nowadays, many learners own their own smartphones. This makes using tech in the classroom to supplement authentic learning extremely easy and reasonable. Learners will understand how the tech works, meaning that the educator will not waste valuable class time teaching them how to use devices. 

Also, kids enjoy using tech in their free time. If ed-tech is integrated into their school work, the odds are high that they will enjoy classes much more. 

Real-World Problem Solving Skills

Tech can teach learners about thinking and real-world problem-solving skills, which is the idea behind authentic learning. 

For example, YouTube videos expose learners to problems related to their classwork. The learners would then be required to find solutions to these problems, which will teach them life skills and enhance their education. 

Movies and documentaries are also used to enhance authentic learning. For instance, if learners learn about the effects of substance abuse, they could be shown films that display the several dangerous side effects. 

Learners Can Interact with Classmates

Many jobs involve employees needing to communicate through tech, making it an essential skill that all learners should have. Thus, tech can be used in the classroom to develop learners’ digital literacy skills. 

There are plenty of apps that learners can use to communicate and collaborate with their classmates and educators. Pedagogue is an innovative tool that allows learners to share work, ideas, and learning materials with their peers. 

Pedagogues can also communicate with learners and educators worldwide, which brings diversity into the classroom. This means that learners will get the opportunity to learn from other learners. 


Authentic learning involves educators bringing real-world scenarios into the classroom, allowing them to receive a more in-depth, meaningful, and realistic education. Ed-tech can be used to enhance this learning style. There are several reasons why authentic learning and ed-tech are a match made in heaven. 

For starters, many learners will own their own smartphones and understand how the tech works. Tech can also be used to teach learners critical-thinking and real-world problem-solving skills. Lastly, learners can use apps and tools to interact with their classmates, educators, and learners from all over the world. 

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