Authentic Living: How to Be Real According to Psychology

Authentic living is a way of life that emphasizes the realness of people. Realness has been defined in various ways by different cultures and psychologists, but at its core, authentic living is about being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself means being honest with yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It also means being genuine in your relationships with other people. Being simple means being true to your feelings and intentions, even if you think those things might be unpopular or unpopular with others.

Authenticity is central to flourishing and can be fostered in several ways.

1. Come to terms with your irrational thoughts and feelings.

Many people try to suppress their irrational thoughts and feelings out of fear of appearing irrational or weak. However, it’s important to face and accept these thoughts and feelings since they’re a part of who you are. Doing so will allow you to better understand and manage them and make you more authentic.

2. Be yourself.

People who are true to themselves are generally more authentic and likable. They are not afraid to be themselves, even in the face of adversity or rejection. Instead, they see these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

3. Express your emotions.

When you’re authentic, you’re emotionally expressive. You let your emotions flow freely and without inhibition and communicate openly with others. This allows them to understand and empathize with you, making them more likely to be authentically friendly and supportive.

4. Live a balanced life.

It’s important to have both fun and seriousness in life. However, trying to be too serious or fun can be counterproductive since it can lead to a sense of falseness or detachment. So instead, aim for a balance that allows you to be yourself, express your emotions, and live a meaningful and productive life.

5. Be mindful.

Being mindful means being aware of your surroundings and your thoughts and feelings. When you’re mindful, you’re not just living in the moment but also paying attention to your surroundings and how your thoughts and feelings impact your behavior. This can help you be more authentic and productive.

6. Be tolerant and accepting.

When you’re tolerant and accepting, you’re open-minded and understanding. You don’t expect people to be exactly how you want them to be, and you don’t judge them for their mistakes or differences. This allows people to be themselves, which is generally a more authentic approach.

7. Live in the present moment.

When you live in the present moment, you focus on the here and now. This way of living is often more productive and creative than living in the past or future.

8. Be grateful for the good in life.

When you’re grateful, you focus on the positive aspects of life. This can help you be more optimistic, leading to a more authentic outlook.

9. Practice self-compassion.

When you practice self-compassion, you forgive yourself for your mistakes and shortcomings. This allows you to move on from them and helps you be more compassionate towards others.

10. Let go of grudges and resentments.

You hold yourself and others back when you hold onto grudges and resentments. Therefore, it’s important to forgive and move on since doing so will allow you to focus on the positive aspects of relationships.

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