Awesome Pet-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for a fun way to get your children interested in animals? Here are some great pet-themed activities for preschoolers that will have them entertained for hours on end! From feeding the animals to playing with them, there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Pets and Their Homes Matching Game

Kids love some healthy competition. On your calendar of activities should be this pet theme matching game! Allow kids to practice their deductive reasoning skills with this free printable.

More Information: Tot Schooling

2. Ocean Animals Suncatchers

While ocean animals aren’t strictly pets, you can have so much fun reading a book about animals in the ocean and then completing this activity. This excellent activity requires very little preparation! It would help with coffee filters, watercolor paints, glue, scissors, and colored construction paper.

More Information: A Little Pinch of Perfect

3. Bird-themed Alphabet Practice

This bird-themed alphabet recognition practice requires a Tupperware container, salt, some colorful feathers, and bird letter cards. You can make these letter cards yourself or purchase them on Teachers Pay Teachers for a little over a dollar! If you are an oral language – teacher, you need to add this activity while planning lessons.

More Information: Turner Tots (TPT)

4. Feed-the-Dog Letter Recognition Game

This feed-the-dog game is a fantastic letter recognition activity. These bone alphabet cards are such a cute way for kids to practice recognizing letters while pretending to feed their dog a bowl of food. While kids do this activity, allow your students to eat out of their bowl of goldfish crackers.

More Information: Early Learning Ideas

5. Pet-themed Yoga

Yoga has been proven to show students how to relax by using breathing techniques. This pet-themed yoga pack is an excellent addition to your classroom and a week of pet-themed activities.

More Information: Pink Oatmeal

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