Back to School 2023: Activities, Worksheets & More

As summer winds down and the new academic year approaches, back to school season is upon us once again. This exciting time is filled with anticipation and a bit of anxiety for students and educators alike. To ease the transition from leisurely summer days to the structured routine of school, engaging activities and useful worksheets are essential. Let’s explore some ideas for back to school 2023 that will help students kickstart their learning journey.


1. Introduction Interviews:

Pairing students and having them interview each other is a great ice-breaker activity. They can ask about each other’s favorite books, hobbies, or what they did over the summer. Afterwards, have them introduce their partner to the rest of the class.

2. Time Capsule:

Have each student write a letter to themselves about their hopes and goals for the upcoming school year. Collect these in a time capsule to be opened at the end of the year.

3. Classroom Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt that helps students familiarize themselves with important areas of the classroom or school, such as the library, computer lab, or nurse’s office.

4. All About Me Posters:

Give students a template to create ‘All About Me’ posters that include fun facts about themselves, which can then be displayed around the classroom.

5. Goal Setting Workshop:

Host a goal-setting workshop where students can set academic and personal goals for the year ahead.


1. ‘Get to Know You’ Questionnaire:

Prepare a worksheet with questions designed to learn more about the students’ interests, learning styles, and personal backgrounds.

2. Summer Reflections:

Provide worksheets where students can write or draw about their summer experiences; this is not only a fun way for them to share but also an opportunity for writing practice.

3. Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Hand out worksheets outlining classroom rules and procedures that include activities encouraging students to think about why these guidelines are important.

4. Reading Comprehension:

Start off with some light reading comprehension worksheets related to stories about starting school or overcoming first-day jitters.

5. Math Review Sheets:

Ease into the new math curriculum with review sheets that cover previously learned concepts, ensuring all students are on the same page.

 More Resources

To support teachers in creating an engaging back-to-school environment, various online platforms offer downloadable materials such as:

– Thematic lesson plans

– Printable ice-breaker activities

– Educational games

– Editable classroom organization labels

– Back-to-school night presentations for parents

The focus of these resources is not just academic but also social-emotional learning (SEL), which plays a crucial part in setting a positive classroom atmosphere where all students feel valued and ready to learn.

The start of a new school year marks a new chapter in every student’s life – it’s an opportunity to create lasting friendships, discover new interests, and set goals for future achievement. With these activities, worksheets, and additional resources designed specifically for Back to School 2023, educators are well-prepared to guide their students into another fruitful academic year.

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