Back to School Gifts for Students (Personalised Student Bookmarks)

Personalized bookmarks offer a unique touch that can make reading more engaging and special for any student. Unlike generic bookmarks, these can be customized with a student’s name, favorite colors, or even a motivational quote. They serve as a constant reminder that someone is cheering them on through every page and challenge along their educational journey.

Creative Ideas for Personalized Student Bookmarks

1.Name and Initials: A classic approach is to have the student’s name or initials monogrammed onto the bookmark. This can be done in various fonts and styles to match the personality of the recipient.

2.Inspirational Quotes: Include uplifting quotes from their favorite authors, celebrities, or historical figures. Every time they save their page, they’ll be inspired to keep going.

3.Educational Motifs: For younger students, bookmarks featuring educational motifs like numbers, letters, science symbols, or historical icons can be both fun and educational.

4.Hobbies and Interests: Customize bookmarks with illustrations of hobbies or interests such as music notes for an aspiring musician or planetary designs for a space enthusiast.

5.Personal Messages: A handwritten note scanned and printed onto the bookmark adds a deeply personal touch that can comfort students especially when dealing with challenging subjects or periods of stress.

 How to Create Your Own Personalized Bookmarks

Creating your own personalized bookmarks can vary from simple DIY projects to ordering custom designs from professional printing services. Here’s how you can get started:

– For DIY enthusiasts, crafting bookmarks using card stock, ribbons, stickers, and markers is an enjoyable project.

– Various online services allow customization of templates where you choose layouts, colors, and text to be printed.

– Local artisans or shops specializing in personalized items could craft something truly unique for that special touch.


Personalized student bookmarks are more than just placeholders in a book; they’re tiny tokens of encouragement and reminders of the support network rooting for the student’s success. Whether you opt for handmade creations or professionally crafted designs, these back-to-school gifts will undoubtedly bring smiles to students’ faces as they embark on another academic year.

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