Basketball Drills for Middle School Athletes

Basketball drills are a great way to help middle school athletes improve their skills. Many different basketball drills can be done, so it is important to find the best drill for your athletes. Here are some drills that we think you should try:

  1. Pro-Lane Agility Drill
    Middle school coaches can use this drill to strengthen agility. This drill setup is easy and only needs cones to set a path for basketball players to practice. This beginner drill is good for those needing to boost their speed.

More Information: National Academy of Sports Medicine

  1. Demantha Drill
    Coaching Tips recommend this be used as a warm-up before a basketball game. It is a good drill to use with a defensive and offensive player. In addition, this fast-paced basketball passing drill is a good conditioning drill for defending the hoop.

More Information: Teach Hoops

  1. Dribble Relays
    This simple drill is perfect for improving dribbling and ball handling. It is one of the basic drills to help basketball players develop effective dribble moves. It is also an excellent drill for improving non-dominant hand control while dribbling; students can focus on improving their control of handling the ball. This is good for team building as well.

More Information: Jr. NBA

  1. Shooting Line Drill
    Crank up the competition and work on team building as you make this basketball shooting drill a fun game! First, improve the essential shooting skill while the coach sets the stop point where students will practice a form at each turn. Then, move students around to get practice with quick shooting skills.

More Information: Jr. NBA

  1. Around the World
    This childhood favorite is a fun basketball shooting game. This is a good time to work on proper shooting form and quick shooting skills. In addition, students can become more comfortable with all areas around the hoop as they rotate around the court.

More Information: The Inspired Treehouse

  1. Ball Slap Drill
    This ball slap exercise is good for helping middle school basketball players improve their ball-handling skills. This fundamental skill is a great way to warm up before practice each day. This is a good way to give students a warm-up with purpose.

More Information: Team Snap

  1. Shoot Until You Make It
    This drill has many purposes. It can encourage teamwork and build encouragement throughout your team. It also helps to improve the shooting skill and the conditioning of young athletes. It includes dribbling and rebounding when the shots are missed. Students will keep shooting until they make it.

More Information: Breakthrough Basketball

  1. Basketball, Drag Race
    Basketball is an intense game, and students must learn to think and act under pressure. This game can also encourage some friendly competition among students on the team. For example, when the coach calls a number, that person from each side runs out to get a ball, score, and make it back to their spot before the other team.

More Information: Breakthrough Basketball

  1. Follow the Leader
    Students will gain practice in shooting and proper form with this drill. Every player is doing something dependent on the player ahead of them. It is a fun way to not only practice slowing down enough to see proper form but also stay with your team.

More Information: Breakthrough Basketball

It is important to find a drill that is practicable and fun for your athletes. If the drill is too difficult, you may want to try different variations.

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