Benefits of M-learning in Distance Education

M-learning is becoming extremely popular for many reasons; convenience, flexibility and learning dependence. In this piece, we will be discussing a few of the main benefits of m-learning in distance education


Many learners own their smartphone or mobile device. This is perfect for distance education because a lot of money can be saved on textbooks and other school supplies, such as computers and laptops. 

More so, the school’s infrastructure will decrease, lowering the risk of theft. All examinations or tests can take place virtually – this would save paper and make the work much easier to grade and organize.


As we have already mentioned, many learners have access to their smartphones or mobile devices. This makes it the perfect choice for distance education, as many (if not all) learners will have the same opportunities for their schoolwork. However, even if a few learners do not have access to a mobile device, it will be simple for schools to supply learners with a temporary one. 

Mobile Features

Mobile devices are great when it comes to distance education for many reasons. They can be taken anywhere, meaning that learners can complete their schoolwork whenever and wherever they feel up to it. 

Mobile devices also feature push tech – in other words, learners receive notifications and reminders about tasks. More so, the calendar feature on these devices can ensure that learners do not miss essential deadlines. 


M-learning can save both time and effort when it comes to studying and accessing materials. Seeing as though the content is found on mobile devices, learners can access their work at the touch of a button. 

Some learners can complete work much quicker than others. With m-learning, learners can go through lessons at their own pace and in their own time. This will make studying much less tedious for faster learners and much less pressurized for slower learners. 


There are lots of benefits when it comes to m-learning in distance education. To begin, allowing learners to use their mobile devices for schoolwork is a cost-effective decision for schools. 

More so, many (if not all) learners will own a mobile device. These devices also have lots of unique features that can be used to improve studying for the learners. Lastly, using mobile devices for schoolwork will save the learners and educators lots of time.

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