Benjamin Franklin Essay Topics

Benjamin Franklin Essay Titles

  1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Use of Humor
  2. The Effect of Free Trade Since Benjamin Franklin’s Time on the American Economy
  3. A Philosophical Contrast Between Henry David Thoreau and Benjamin Franklin
  4. Benjamin Franklin’s Perspective on the American Dream
  5. Benjamin Franklin’s Role in the American Revolution
  6. Benjamin Franklin’s the Two Sides of Marriage in “Wedlock”
  7. Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and the Idea of Self-Improvement
  8. Benjamin Franklin’s Opinions on Culture and Education
  9. Benjamin Franklin’s Attributes and Negative Qualities in His Autobiography
  10. Benjamin Franklin’s Convention Speech Contributions to Changing and Reflecting Society
  11. The American Dream in The Great Gatsby and Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography
  12. Self-Improvement in Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin’s Writings
  13. Miss Polly Baker, as Benjamin Franklin
  14. Why Benjamin Franklin Made Good Political Decisions
  15. Benjamin Franklin’s Career, Achievements, and Influence
  16. An Analysis of the Self-Disciplines of American Printer, Diplomat, Scientist, and Philosopher Benjamin Franklin
  17. The American Dream as It Is Represented by Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin
  18. Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass’ Views on Alcohol
  19. Benjamin Franklin’s Early Life, Political Career, and Influence
  20. American Literature and Benjamin Franklin’s Influence, Number Twenty
  21. Evaluation of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin’s Written Documents Bache
  22. Benjamin Franklin’s Early Life and Important Contributions

 Essay Topics on Benjamin Franklin

  1. Benjamin Franklin’s Accomplishments as a Founding Father of the United States
  2. The Various Annotated Bibliographies on Benjamin Franklin’s Work
  3. How to Handle Haters: The Surprising Psychology of the Benjamin Franklin Effect
  4. Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin’s “The American Dream.”
  5. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and Benjamin Franklin’s Views on the Ideal of a Nation
  6. The Sixth Most Significant Historical Figure Is Benjamin Franklin.
  7. Benjamin Franklin’s Success and Influence in the “Reborn” America
  8. The Problems and Opportunities of Benjamin Franklin
  9. The Significant Meanings to the Significant Quotes in Benjamin Franklin’s a Way to Wealth
  10. Emerson’s Influence on Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography
  11. Benjamin Franklin, the Person Pictured on the $100 Bill
  12. The Value of Persistence in Benjamin Franklin and Christopher MC Candless’ Lives
  13. Arguments in Favor of Benjamin Franklin as a Hero of the United States
  14. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin as Examples of the Relevance of a Student’s Performance as a Success Determinant
  15. Benjamin Franklin and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Differing Viewpoints
  16. The Sister of Benjamin Franklin and How Women Are Neglected in History
  17. Benjamin Franklin’s Outstanding Legacy
  18. Benjamin Franklin’s Political Career and Life
  19. The Successes and Life of Benjamin Franklin
  20. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin as Examples of the Significance of Measuring Student Achievement by Grades
  21. Benjamin Franklin: The Great Inventor: His Life and Work
  22. Benjamin Franklin’s Inventions and Contributions to American Colonies
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