Bermuda with Kids: 15 Fun Things to Do (Family Friendly Activities!)

Bermuda Island is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Part of this island is found in the United Kingdom, and we can ascertain you that this is the paradise your family has been looking forward to the experience.

From the turquoise water to the breathtaking pink-sandy beaches, Bermuda has an endless list of things your little ones, tweens, and teens can engage in; in short, there’s something for the entire family in Bermuda.

You can choose to bike around the historical railway trail scenery or swim with the beautiful, friendly dolphins.

Bermuda has a lot to offer. But first, you can learn how the American and British cultures blended and gave rise to the beautiful community on this island.

Yes, this is the place for your family getaway, get an adventurous vacation, and bond with one another. If this sounds like an activity you’d love to venture in, here’s a list of things you can do on this fantastic aisle.

  1. Horseback Riding in South Shore Park — Warwick

The park is among the best nature reserves in Bermuda and is located at the extreme eastern end of Warwick Long Bay.

Your family will enjoy horse riding and watching the entertaining Watson Performance horse trails.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Ever watched a movie with lots of horse riding and you feel you want to experience such exciting moments? Well, at South Shore Park, your wish is granted. The beach offers well-maintained horse trails suitable for rides.

You can go lounging and birdwatching along the beach or even choose to explore the extra mile. There are a variety of things to enjoy here!

Recommended Ages

There are group trail rides that fit everyone, from beginners to expert riders, and the rides last an hour and a half.

For the rides, it is wise to preserve them for those older kids that can ride on their own.

  1. Sea Glass Beach — Royal Naval Dockyard

The Sea Glass Beaches are three in Bermuda, which appears to be the most fascinating destination. Additionally, this place is a mile away from the Royal Naval Dockyard. So there’s plenty to enjoy!

Why We Recommend This Activity

If you are a photoholic, this is the picture-perfect spot for you and the entire family to create memories. From the stunning views of the beach, the shiny glass rocks and fine sand are a beauty to behold.

Take a stroll along the coastline or dive into the turquoise water for a swim.

Recommended Ages

Everyone will enjoy the great endeavor that Sea Glass Beach offers.

  1. Jobson’s Cove Beach — Warwick

Known for its soft white sand, shallow waters, and steep jagged rocks, Jobson’s Cove is among the most eye-catching locations in Bermuda.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Your tiny mermen and mermaids will have a blast at this scenic beach in Warwick.

The shallow waters are relatively calm at all times, making it a secure beach for youngsters to stroll along the coastline.

If you love swimming and snorkeling, this cove best suits your interest, and while snorkeling, you can take a glimpse of the tropical fish.

The jagged rocks here are stunning to look at, but it is good to be careful because they are very sharp to touch.

Recommended Ages

Jobson’s Beach accommodates everyone. Bring the toddlers to enjoy splashing water; the teens and adults will find swimming and snorkeling fun.

  1. National Museum of Bermuda — Sandys

This seaside museum is located in the old fortress of Bermuda and offers you the chance to learn about the island’s history.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Apart from the remarkable panoramas of the sea and the picturesque grounds, you can do many things at the museum.

The museum has various inciting exhibitions that feature old photos, local watercraft, and shipwreck artifacts.

Additionally, there’s an excellent playground with a slide and a gigantic moray eel where your kids can play when done sightseeing, all that the museum beholds.

Recommended Ages

Regardless of age, everyone can appreciate the museum’s exhibitions and grounds.

  1. St. Peter’s Church — St. George’s

Acknowledged as a world heritage by UNESCO, this Anglican church is the oldest surviving and is not in the British Isles.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Standing for an average of 400 years, this church is a must-see destination for your family.

Take a break from the beach and hot sun and head to the church.

You can learn about the church’s history and how it has managed to stand still for so many years. Also, you learn more about the island’s history and culture through the church.

Recommended Ages

St. Peter’s Church welcomes all with open doors. While in the church, ensure that the little ones are quiet to maintain the church’s sombreness.

  1. Tobacco Bay — St. George’s

Tobacco Bay is situated on the eastern side of Bermuda and is near St. George’s town. Whenever we think of vacationing on an island, we wish for a great swimming place. With Tobacco Bay, you get to have a fantastic swimming experience.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Another beach worth the credit on your social media accounts is the pictographicTobacco Bay.

This beach is the perfect spot for your family, and for good reasons. First, this beach can best fit your budget, and you don’t have to go back to your pockets for extra expenses.

You can go around snorkeling and enjoy swimming with the fish. Additionally, there are kayaks and paddleboards that you can rent out for your teens.

Recommended Ages

The bay is open to visitors of all ages, but the beach can be crowded, so keep an eye on your little ones.

  1. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute — Pembroke

If you want to see several marine life and the exhibits of the ocean without getting yourself wet, head to the BUEI. There is something for everyone here!

Why We Recommend This Activity

BUEI allows you to learn about the ocean’s environment, the various marine life, and how they adapt to the deep-ocean environment.

The institute has many artifacts and interactive exhibitions to keep you entertained for hours. In addition, there are displays of treasures found in the shipwreck that you can take pictures of and learn more about.

Teens and adults can find the Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries exciting.

Recommended Ages

The BUEI tour is perfect for the whole family.

  1. Tom Moore’s Jungle — Hamilton

Tom Moore’s Jungle is known to bear other names like the Walsingham Nature Reserve and Blue Hole Park. Don’t be surprised or confused; these landmarks are well-known in the jungle and play a significant role in its endeavors.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Experience adventurous nature walks and fresh air in this scenic 12-acre reserve.

The jungle has splendid forest trails and awe-inspiring blue waters.

On your strolls, you’ll see birds of various kinds, see the mangroves, and dive in the Blue Hole.

After a long day sightseeing, you can dine at one of the 17th-century-based restaurants and enjoy the various cuisines offered back in the day.

Recommended Ages

The Nature Reserve is open to the public, but the long hiking trails best suit kids aged eight and above.

  1. Dolphin Quest Bermuda — Sandys

Get a chance to engage with the friendly locals by visiting the Dolphin Quest held at Bermuda’s National Museum.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This place is a picture-perfect venue for the entire family. But, of course, you can also take pictures of the museum’s exhibitions.

When done with sightseeing, head over for a swim with the dolphins. These creatures are known to be very friendly and loving toward humans. You can take pictures and videos of your tribe enjoying the swim with dolphins. What a fun day!

Recommended Ages

Here, packages are used, so the age limit depends on the package you are allocated to.

For most packages, the youngest allowed is a five-year-old.

  1. Elbow Beach — Paget

Elbow Beach is among the most recognized beaches in Bermuda.

It is also known for being featured in The Sopranos episode.

This is a perfect spot, and it should be included on your list of budget-friendly things to do in Bermuda.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Do you want an exceptional experience that you just don’t get anywhere? Try the Elbow Beach!

At this beach, you get fascinating views of the pink sand landscape.

You can unwind and get your mind off the daily routine lifestyle. Try bonding with your tribe at this beautiful coastline.

Recommended Ages

Elbow beach is the absolute place to take your tribe.

The beach is open to the public except for the private part of the hotel, which, if you want to explore, you have to be a guest at the hotel.

  1. Dockyard Glassworks — Sandys

If you want a good look at the local artistry and culture, head to the Dockyard Glassworks for some magnificent artwork.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Have you ever gone window shopping and got captivated by glasswork and wondered how they are made? Here, at Dockyard Glassworks, you get the opportunity to see the pros at work.

Your kids interested in artwork could learn a lot from the glassblowers. For example, what it takes to get their work completed.

And as an appreciation of your time, you are served a rum cake all at this place.

Recommended Ages

From the littlest to the eldest member of your tribe, all are invited to witness the brilliant artisans making their masterpieces.

  1. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse — Southampton

An add-on to your bucket list of things to do in Bermuda is to go hiking on the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Do you want to lose weight or stretch your muscles? Then, try the Gibbs Hill challenge by hiking the 185- steps.

The climbing is not for the faint-hearted. But, when you reach the top, you experience the island’s breathtaking views.

Take up the challenge you will surely enjoy!

Recommended Ages

Though it may seem complicated, if you incorporate breaks while climbing, it may seem very much more manageable. The hike is primarily suitable for youngsters aged five and above.

  1. Horseshoe Bay — Southampton

Another blissful spot for a perfect family picture is Horseshoe Bay.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Known as the most Instagrammed beach in Bermuda and worldwide, the blue waters and pink sand make the beach very appealing.

Your family will enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the calm water.

The older kids can play volleyball and make sandcastles and boogie boards.

You can also go ahead and discover the hidden caves and tucked-away coves.

Recommended Ages

The Horseshoe Bay is a parent and kid-approved coastline. It meets the expectations of the whole family.

  1. Bermuda Botanical Gardens — Devonshire

How about a break from the ocean views?

Head over to the Botanical Gardens and have a change in your tour routine.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This 36-acre garden on Bermuda’s island has a variety of beautiful plant life that you will find admirable.

Get to smell the flowery fragrance in your surroundings.

Here you’ll see a collection of hibiscus, roses, and more!

Some gardens are made up of native fruit trees and palmetto trees.

There are also greenhouses around the gardens; you can explore their purpose and why some plants are grown in greenhouses.

Recommended Ages

There are no age limits at the Botanical Gardens; it is a place for everyone.

  1. Bermuda Railway Trail — St. George’s

This long historical trail has its starting point at St. George’s Station, and the end is at Somerset Station. Consider paying a visit to the Bermuda Railway trail and enjoy its exciting ride.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Get a scenic and history of the island by going around the railway trail.

You and your tribe can go biking on the abandoned railbed.

While on the trail, you will go through beautiful coastlines and lush landscapes. Have a blast!

Recommended Ages

At some sections, the trails may be challenging and steep and thus suitable for teens and adults.

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