Best Family-Friendly Attractions in New Hampshire: 12 Fun Things to Do with Kids!

It’s difficult to have a bad vacation in New Hampshire.

Travelers with kids will like the “Switzerland of America.”

There are so many places that are good for families to visit, like beautiful mountains, clean beaches, and cute towns, that it can be hard to plan the perfect vacation.

Check out our list of fun things for families to do in New Hampshire to save yourself some work.

  1. Salem’s Canobie Lake Park

Why We Recommend This Place

Canobie Lake Park is one of the most well-liked kid-friendly sites to visit around and is close to some of the greatest family hotels in New Hampshire.

There are many thrilling rides available here, including water slides and roller coasters.

Even after more than a century of existence, this park continues to provide the best in family fun.

Suitable Ages

There is plenty of entertainment for kids of all ages here, despite the fact that several rides have height restrictions.

  1. Portsmouth-based USS Albacore

Why We Recommend This Place

Visitors are welcome to see this extraordinary submarine’s interior and discover its intriguing past.

The USS Albacore, formerly a top-secret research vessel for the Navy, is now one of the top family-friendly attractions in New Hampshire.

Children especially enjoy playing with the control room’s amenities, such as the periscope that works.

An audio recording that tells captivating tales about what happened on board this submarine is included in the self-guided tour.

Suitable Ages

This engaging and instructive tour is enjoyed by children of all ages.

  1. Londonderry’s Aviation Museum in New Hampshire

Why We Recommend This Place

Whether you and your family are aircraft buffs or not, everyone will enjoy this museum.

Hands-on activities in their interactive exhibitions teach visitors about aviation history and technology.

Our best family trips to New Hampshire always include a stop at this undiscovered treasure with a vibrant culture.

Suitable Ages

Families with children of all ages are welcome inside.

  1. Self-Guided Waterfall Adventure in the White Mountains

Why We Recommend This Place

A lover of nature will adore New Hampshire.

And what better way to explore the most beautiful natural aspects of this state than on our 3-day excursion?

Travel across the White Mountains to see the breathtaking waterfalls.

Visitors hike and camp at their own pace and stay two nights at certain campgrounds while following a personalized plan and digital map.

With rental equipment and plenty of information, this experience guarantees your security and fun.

Suitable Ages

We advise teenagers and their parents to embark on this grand experience.

  1. Hampton – Hampton Beach

Why We Recommend This Place

One of New Hampshire’s top beaches for families, in our opinion, is Hampton Beach.

Enjoy the numerous oceanfront amenities and miles of sandy shores.

There are lots of leisure opportunities and affordable parking.

Also, the Seashell amphitheater is close by and has great evening shows that you and your group can enjoy before going to bed.

Suitable Ages

The ideal oceanfront location for families with children of all ages is Hampton Beach.

  1. Lincoln’s Hobo Railroad

Why We Recommend This Place

Ride a vintage rail system from the late 1800s along the Pemigewasset River or Lake Winnipesaukee.

On a 1- or 2-hour joy ride, passengers board vintage carriages that transport them back in time.

On every expedition, panoramic vistas of New Hampshire’s breathtaking scenery are offered.

A variety of train-themed products that make fantastic mementos are offered, along with snacks and beverages.

Suitable Ages

Although it’s one of our top New Hampshire family attractions, we recommend it for visitors of all ages.

  1. Alpine Adventures, Lincoln

Why We Recommend This Place

Alpine Adventures offers a wide range of outdoor experiences for adventure enthusiasts.

The lengths of their 6 unique zipline courses range from 250 to 1,000 feet.

So, whether or not you’ve been ziplining before, the knowledgeable staff will make sure you have the best ride possible.

Other options include off-road treks and excursions.

Also, every ride gives you an unbeatable view of the White Mountains that are all around you.

Suitable Ages

Children aged six and up are welcome on the rides at Alpine Adventures.

  1. Self-Guided Scenic Trails Trip in the White Mountains

Why We Recommend This Place

Spend three days exploring the White Mountains’ surrounding verdant forests.

Hike slowly along beautiful trails with the help of a guide, and take as much time as you need to relax at your comfortable campsite.

Before you start this self-guided tour, you and your clan will be given everything you need and the information you need to make the most of your time in the wilderness.

Suitable Ages

Families with teenagers and young parents will most likely appreciate these trails.

  1. Franconia’s Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway

Why We Recommend This Place

Why not take the cable car up to Cannon Mountain’s 4,080-foot summit?

When you reach the summit, you can see four states as well as Canada and enjoy the breathtaking views.

You and the kids can also explore beautiful walking trails and have refreshments at the visitor center cafe at the summit.

So, if you’re staying at one of the many family resorts in the area, you might want to take this scenic drive.

Suitable Ages

Families with kids of all ages are invited to ride the cable car at Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway.

  1. Dover-based Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Why We Recommend This Place

At the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, your kids can do a lot of activities that will help them learn and be creative.

Because it’s inside, this is one of our favorite things for families to do when it’s raining.

We strongly suggest coming here if you’re looking for family-friendly destinations.

Your children’s minds will be changed forever by a day spent at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

Suitable Ages

Families with children ranging in age from infancy to preteen should, in our opinion, visit this fantastic site.

  1. Candia’s Charmingfare Farm

Why We Recommend This Place

Families are welcome to visit this genuine, functioning farm and take part in the day-to-day operations of the farm.

What else?

A variety of fantastic activities are available at Charmingfare Farm, including hayrides, horseback riding, animal encounters, and more.

At Charmingfare Farm, the friendly staff is eager to share what they know and how much they enjoy the best parts of running a farm.

This site is difficult to avoid because there are so many free kid-friendly activities available.

Suitable Ages

All ages of families are welcome to participate in the benefits of farm life.

  1. The White Mountains Self-Guided High Peaks Hiking Trip

Why We Recommend This Place

We can’t stress enough how much we suggest taking the trails and discovering this state’s unending natural beauty among all the exciting things to do in New Hampshire with kids.

On this 3-day hiking excursion, you will be led up to some of the best peaks in the White Mountains.

All you need are a good pair of hiking boots and strong legs; the tour guides will provide the rest, including camping equipment, an itinerary, and a wealth of local knowledge.

Suitable Ages

Although there are no age restrictions, we advise families with teens and tweens to take this tour.


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