Best Kids Gym Equipment for Fun at School and Home

Kids’ gym equipment has to be strong and fun at the same time. It’s why so many of them are great for both P.E. class and playing at home.

We’ve put together a list of the strongest equipment out there, which can take a lot of wear and tear. There’s something great for every kid here, from old favorites like parachutes and flag belts to new favorites like yoga mats and exercise balls.

Palos 24-Foot Parachute With Handles

It’s a gym class staple! This big parachute has 24 handles all around the edge. Little kids can each take one handle, while older students can handle two at once.

Beakabao Adjustable Exercise Hoops

This is such a creative alternative to the typical children’s hula hoop. Each is divided into segments, which you can add or remove to change the size. Moreover, the pieces are hollow, allowing you to load them with sand or beans to modify the weight and heighten the difficulty.

Champion Sports Scooter Boards, Set of 6 

Here’s another favorite from gym class that will also be a hit at home. These scooter boards are made to last for a long time. They are easy to stack and store. You can hang them by the handles or use the holes in the middle to stack them around a pole.

Champion Sports Segmented Jump Ropes

You can get ropes for less money, but this one with sections is the best for kids. Champion Sports makes them in different sizes and colors, so it’s easy to find the right one. The 16-foot ones are great for double-Dutch jumping!

Tailor Spot Cornhole Bean Bags

When it comes to bean bags for kids, you want ones that can take being thrown around and hitting the ground repeatedly. These meet the needs. They also come in different colors.

We Sell Mats 4-Foot x 8-Foot Tumbling Mat

Tumbling mats are another common piece of gym equipment for kids, and this is one of the best. The Velcro edges enable you to securely bind multiple mats together as large as you need. Not a fan of rainbows? They also make mats with just one color.

GoSports Playground Balls

Balls deflated? Check out this classic playground equipment. The kit comprises a mesh bag and air pump, which come in different sizes.

Champion Sports Throwdown Bases

Use these baseball, softball, and kickball bases indoors or outdoors. They don’t slide on flat surfaces and don’t move on grass.

Hello Fit Kids Yoga Mats

Many P.E. teachers now teach yoga. This set of 10 kid-sized mats is rainbow-colored or single-colored. Smaller four- or two-packs are available.

Springer 9-Foot Balance Beams

Floor-level foam balance beams are safer for practice. Folding a 9-foot beam makes storage easier.

Fashion Agility Cones

Cones are useful kids’ gym equipment. Use them for agility training, racing, and more. This set of cones is affordable.

Special Supplies Stepping Stones, Set of 12

Rubber stepping stones create balance issues. Add balance beams and agility cones for the ultimate obstacle course.

Covelico Exercise Dice, Set of 3

Exercise dice eliminate the need for expensive gym equipment. Roll the dice to determine what to do and how many times. Children love to die.

Gaiam Balance Ball for Kids

Balance balls are great for core workouts and mindfulness. Gaiam’s affordable balls should withstand frequent use.

Champion Sports Skip Ball Ankle Toys, Set of 6

Once kids start, they won’t stop spinning the toy while jumping over it. This product comes in bright-colored sets of six.

WYZworks Flag Belts, Set of 12

Capture the Flag and flag football use these flag belts. Each belt features three red or blue flag attachments.

Champion Sports Platform Kid Stilts

These are floor-friendly tin-can stilts. Once kids have balance, they can race or do obstacle courses.

Little Tykes 3-Foot Trampoline  

This trampoline’s padded edge and handle make it safer for kids. Indoor preschool and childcare playgrounds will love it.

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