Best Practices to Leverage Innovative Learning

Best Practices to Leverage Innovative Learning

Education is one of the most critical and crucial sectors in our contemporary-day world. With that being said, educators should aim to provide their learners with the best possible education and resources possible. 

In this piece, we will be discussing some of the best practices that educators can use to leverage the power of innovative learning. 

Make Use of Education technology Tools in the Classroom

There are lots of education technology tools out there that are designed specifically for the classroom. Most educators enjoy using smart boards, equity maps and FlipGrid to make a more innovative learning environment. 

Education technology is becoming an increasingly essential factor in education. In fact, many educators and schools rely on these products for teaching. More so, learners prefer learning with tech instead of sitting at a desk, listening to the educator talk for an hour or so. 

Use a Blended Learning Approach

Blended learning is a balanced use of tech, online learning tools and conventional learning methods in the classroom. Many educators worldwide have resorted to this learning approach because of how successful and diverse it is. 

Many learners do not have an attention span of more than five minutes. This means that if you lecture for an hour and expect them to absorb every word you say, you will be disappointed. The blended learning approach is a great way to combat this issue. 

Learners enjoy using tech. Blended learning is a good approach as it ensures that educators use tech, while still balancing out their lessons with conventional teaching practices. If you want your lessons to be creative, blended learning is the way to go. 


There are different practices that educators can adopt to leverage the power of innovative learning. Educators could use education technology tools and products to begin with, such as smart boards and equity maps. They could also offer supplementary online lessons when a big test or exam is coming up. Educators should also adopt a blended learning approach to ensure the balanced use of tech and conventional learning methods.

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