Best Rhyming Dictionaries for Writers

Rhyming dictionaries for writers can be useful in all sorts of ways. Fortunately, there are many great choices to consider.

The Rhyme Brain

Writers everywhere should have a copy of the Rhyme Brain stored on their computers at home. It’s multilingual, so you can find answers in English, German, Spanish, and French. It’s great, and the interface is incredibly easy to use. Type in a word you want to rhyme, and the results appear within seconds. It’s a great resource to have at your disposal.

Rhymes & Chimes

This isn’t just a rhyming dictionary; it extends to quotations, translations, and related products. The results are broken down when you search for a word, so you get an in-depth answer. It’s incredibly versatile and very useful.

The Rhyme Zone

Sometimes, words can’t be rhymed with precision. It’s frustrating, and you often need to return to the drawing board. With the Rhyme Zone, however, you don’t need to. This dictionary finds the best match. The site’s search features begin by looking for a perfect match but offer alternatives if it can’t. It’s a nice resource, and you can create a filtered search. For instance, you can include related or similar-sounding words and rhymes.


If you want to find rhyme by matching syllables, Dillfrog is perfect. It’s a different way to search but incredibly useful.

The Word Central

If you’re a writer, you should know about Word Central. Developed by Marriam-Webster, this has an extensive rhyming database. Word Central has many impressive features, including creating a dictionary just for you. Add words you want to rhyme or invent new words.


Rhymer is a fantastic search engine to use when you’re looking to rhyme words. There are plenty of instructions and tips to help you create rhymes and syllable searches. So, if you’re into poetry, this is a valuable resource. It lets you create verses naturally and find suitable words to fit your rhymes.

What rhymes with?

This is a back-to-basics site that does what it says. Type in a word in the search engine and get results in seconds; it’s as simple as that. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, it’s a great resource.

Reading Rockets

This is a great educational site that’ll teach anyone about rhymes. From the basics to the most comprehensive elements of rhymes, Reading Rockets will help. You’ll find material that can be printed and used at home, along with many games.


This is a community-based site, like all other Wiki sites. It offers a complete rhyming search engine, and you can join the community forums to pose questions. It’s a great resource and allows everyone to share ideas safely.

Your Dictionary

With Your Dictionary, you can access fun rhyming activities and create worksheets. There are lots of resources here, and everything is organized perfectly. You should find whatever help you need with this site.

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning allows you to learn how to use and create rhymes. There are lots of fun activities and games to try, and while there is a $20 yearly subscription fee, you get full access to the site. You can download whatever content you like, and there is a free subscription.

Kids Front

Perfect for children who want to learn about rhymes. Kids Front helps people learn about the rhyming structures and can help children of all ages, even adults. It’s a great resource for beginners and those who want to learn more about rhyming.

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