Best Science Websites for Lesson Plans

Cambium Learning

3 distinct portals—Science A-Z, Gizmos, and Science 4-Us—offer educators and parents exposure to the best online learning materials. These contain many books, experiments, classes, and other resources to make science accessible to all learners.

Climate Kids

This website, provided by NASA, exposes budding children to scientific concepts found in nature. You can study the condensed principles through exercises, films, and games using current and real-time information on changing climate. The fascinating courses range from “10 Interesting Things About Glaciers” to “Make Sun S’mores,” which teaches how to harvest solar electricity.

Community Resources for Science

Have trouble with distant education? Articles on this amazing website comprise “Science Is A Family Affair” and “Teaching Science At Home: A Survival Guide for Parents.” We’re all in it together, so take a big inhale and plunge in.


An innovative, learner-directed science program introduces science to ALL K–5 children. When children ask, “What would I like to be when I enter adulthood?” you can also take advantage of their inventiveness and interest.

Kids Discover Online

You can utilize this collection’s scientific and political studies materials for people of all ages and reading abilities because they can be differentiated by reading ability. You can seek complimentary unrestricted entry to Kids Discover Online here for schools and districts that were shut because of the epidemic.

National Science Digital Library

You can thoroughly search among the wide categories of this digital library’s resources for anything you require because it is robust and easy to use. You can get class ideas, homework, and exercises from a diverse range of other materials in this sizable archive of sources.

National Geographic Education

Watch the regular presentations on the website to learn about interesting subjects like “Deep See Amphipods” and “The Power of Microbes.” Moreover, explore various subjects, such as the environment, earth science, and more. Additionally, look through the lesson plans, tasks, maps, images, movies, and other activities.

Science Friday

On Scientific Friday, you’ll find amazing programs, such as the brand-new “Science Diction,” which is ideal for language geeks. You have accessibility to courses that may be filtered by age level, length, and topic under the “Educate” section. Youngsters can obtain excellent hands-on knowledge through projects like “Make Your Sauropod Poop!” and “A DIY Groundwater Model.”

Studies Weekly Online

Are you prepared to create your online classroom? Utilizing blended learning methodologies, Studies Weekly enables you to design individualized, standards-based courses. These teaching strategies aim to improve students’ knowledge, abilities, and attitudes.

The Stardust Mystery

While exposing them to fresh and (often) difficult subjects, digital learning games may truly keep kids interested. Time-traveling, entertaining, informative, and informative experiences are the focus of The Stardust Mystery. Additionally, “Mission: KT” will teach kids more about the demise of the dinosaurs, and “Building the Universe” will guide them into what happened after the Big Bang. The website also provides clips about science, literature, and avatars.

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