Birth Control Essay Topics

Birth Control Essay Titles

  1. Why Birth Control Regulation Should Be Health Related
  2. Recognizing Your Contraceptive Options
  3. Unaware and Unprotected: Birth Control Misconceptions
  4. The Various Birth Control Techniques in Contemporary Society
  5. Can Teenagers Get Birth Control Without Parental Permission?
  6. Margaret Sanger’s Margaret the Birth of Birth Control: An Essay
  7. The Impact of Birth Control on the HIV/Aids Epidemic in the United States
  8. Sanger’s Birth Control Movement’s Impact
  9. Discussing the Use of Birth Control With Your Family
  10. The Need for Teenagers to Have Easy Access to Birth Control
  11. Important Information About Emergency Birth Control
  12. The Birth Control Movement and the African American Community
  13. Which Is the Most Effective Method of Birth Control: Pills, a Patch, NuvaRing, or a Depo Shot?
  14. The Free Contraception and Birth Control Ethical Debate
  15. Various Birth Control Methods and Their Efficacy
  16. Should High Schools Offer Condoms and Birth Control Information?
  17. The Government and Birth Control: To Control or Not to Control?
  18. The Benefits of Birth Control for Parents
  19. Birth Control’s Social and Political Impact in England
  20. Birth Control Practices in Britain, 1925–1950: Uncertain Aims and Tacit Negotiation
  21. Male Birth Control and Taste Buds Outside the Mouth
  22. The Cognitive Response Theory Regarding Contraception
  23. The Birth Control Pill: The Drug That Transformed America

 Essay Topics on Birth Control

  1. Teens Who Use Birth Control Without Their Parent’s Permission
  2. Margaret Sanger’s Viewpoint on Birth Control
  3. Birth Control and Society Throughout History
  4. Birth Control for Minors Without Parental Consent Has Negative Effects
  5. Human Sexuality and Birth Control in Undergrad
  6. Teenage Girls Should Have Access to Birth Control Without Parental Consent.
  7. Birth-Control Misconceptions in Developing Nations
  8. Fred Pearce’s Article, “Television as Birth Control,”
  9. Women Bear More of the Cost of Birth Control
  10. Issues With Teens’ Birth Control Options in Today’s Society
  11. The Drawbacks and Benefits of Abstinence-Only Contraception
  12. Whether Using Birth Control Results in More Promiscuous Sexual Behavior
  13. The Lack of Significant Advances in Male Birth Control and Men’s Health
  14. Birth Control Pill Side Effects, Both Good and Bad
  15. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Over-The-Counter Birth Control
  16. Chinua Achebe’s Book Things Fall Apart’s Introduction to Birth Control
  17. The Value of Educating Teenagers About the Different Birth Control Methods
  18. The Importance of Birth Control for Teens to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
  19. Evidence From Romania on the Supply of Birth Control Methods, Education, and Fertility
  20. Birth Control’s Social Impact in Germany
  21. American Teenagers’ Use of Birth Control and Sexual Activity

 Research Questions About Birth Control

  1. What Justifies Teaching Birth Control in Schools?
  2. Should Governments Make Birth Control Free to Access?
  3. Why Isn’t Education About Birth Control Taught in Schools?
  4. What Are the Social Impacts of Birth Control?
  5. Should Access to Contraception Be Made Simpler for Americans?
  6. Why Should Parents Use Contraception?
  7. Should Students in Public Schools Be Given Birth Control Pills?
  8. Does Parental Permission for Birth Control Affect the Rates of Teen Pregnancy?
  9. Why Not Use Birth Control for Women?
  10. Should Birth Control Be Distributed in Schools?
  11. What Impact Would the Ban on Birth Control Have on Women’s Lives?
  12. Should Teenage Girls Be Able to Access Birth Control Pills?
  13. How Do Birth Control Pills Function?
  14. Should Birth Control Pills Be Available Without a Prescription?
  15. What Impact Have Birth Control, and Abortion Had on the 20th and 21st Centuries?
  16. Should High Schools Offer Condoms and Information on Birth Control?
  17. What Women Need to Know About Birth Control Pills
  18. Should Teenagers Be Able to Use Birth Control Without Their Parents’ Permission?
  19. Why Could Birth Control Patches Be Riskier Than Pills? 19.
  20. Should Teenagers Have Access to Contraception?
  21. Why Should Teenagers Have Easy Access to Birth Control?
  22. Should Health Insurance Providers Cover the Full Cost of Birth Control?
  23. Does School Instruction in Birth Control Aid in Preventing Teen Pregnancy?
  24. Is It Acceptable for Pharmacists to Refuse to Fill Emergency Contraception Prescriptions?
  25. What Current Birth Control Options Are Available?
  26. How Do State and Local Governments Implement or Oppose Federal Reproductive Health Rights Legislation?
  27. What Illusions Exist Regarding Health Risks Associated With Contraceptive Methods?
  28. Should Birth Control Be Taught in Schools to Prevent Teen Pregnancy?
  29. What Are a Few Religious/Ethical Issues Relating to Birth Control Use?
  30. What Should You Take Into Account When Choosing the Best Birth Control?
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