Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday Wishes for Friends

Friendship with a wonderful friend makes us feel amazing, gives us comfort, and our friends love us as we are, however we often don’t express them how valuable they make our lives. Use the opportunity on their special days and let them know how much you love them by sending your friends a message with good wishes! Here is a list of birthday wishes for various friendship types. A selection of messages from generic to thoughtful ones – all of them available in a single place! We offer specifically tailored birthday wishes for all your friends, that would make their birthday celebrations and your friendship more meaningful. We even have messages for your fun-loving friends, that are sure to make them laugh! Pick a message we have written for you and let your friend know how much you care about them on their special day!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy birthday, friend! I hope all your wildest dreams come true.

Happy birthday, friend. I hope your life is filled with feelings of joy and happiness.

Praying on this special day for your life to be healthy and full of riches. Happy birthday!

Wishing you love and much joy on this special day! Have a wonderful birthday and thank you for being an amazing best friend!

Thank you for always being in my life. Whenever I needed you, you came through for me no matter what, and always stood beside me. May everything good come to you. Happy birthday!

I hope your new year of life will be full of love, happiness and success. Let laughter and joy find you wherever you are. Happy birthday and have a wonderful year!

Wishing you a happy birthday and may God give you many more. I hope our friendship stands the test of time!

Let good things find you and don’t be held back by anything, soon you’ll find your success! Happy birthday my dear friend!

Happy birthday my wonderful friend! May the day be filled with smiles, laughter, and happiness.

May God bless you on your new year of life with growth, peacefulness and healing. Happy birthday and be blessed.

Happy birthday! May the Lord give you endless joy, unending success and wonderful surprises.

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy the new chapter of the book that is your life.

Happy birthday to you! May you have the will and strength to enjoy my friendship for many many years!

Your birthday is so special to me that it feels like it’s my own! Have a happy, happy birthday my best friend! Lots of love!

Happy birthday my good buddy, you deserve everything great in the world, and I hope your special day is full of love and enjoyment.

Thank you, my friend, for being in my life for so long. You make my life so enjoyable I can’t imagine it without you. May all the happy feelings find you – Happy birthday!

Birthday Messages for Friends

I hope the happiness you feel today stays with you for a long time, and may you always remember the joyful moments of this day. Happy birthday my dear friend!

Not everyone has a great partner like you in their lives, but every day i thank God for giving you to me, and i pray our friendship continues. Happy birthday!

Thank you, my dear and true friend, for always supporting me in hard times and inspiring me to go higher than before. I wish that you have a very special birthday!

You have my thanks for being so understanding and always believing in me, even when times were hard, anyone would appreciate you as a friend! Happy birthday and have a good celebration!

I want you, friend, to know, that I will always appreciate you and support you like you have appreciated and supported me. Have a happy birthday filled with smiles and laughs!

We age, but our bond of friendship is as young as ever, our friendship gives me strength. Thank you and happy birthday, let’s enjoy this new year together.

May it rain on your birthday, because rain is God’s way of showering you with His blessings and may you find much happiness and success!

Being your friend has made me learn what true friendship is and I am forever grateful to have you as a friend. Have a very joyous birthday!

May God bring you all the joy you deserve and bless you with wonderful feelings, wishing you the happiest birthday! All the best.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

I might not show how much you mean to me daily, yet you are my most special and valued friend and I will always have you in my mind. Many happy feelings and have a wonderful celebration!

Every day I pray that everyone can find a friend as kind-hearted and precious as you, our friendship has brought us so many laughs and special moments. Have a very happy birthday!

Best wishes to my best friend on your birthday, I wish you an amazing future and all the best!

You are one of the special few people, who have stayed in my life, unlike many others. I wish you many blessings and a happy happy birthday!

Life is never boring with you, my partner in crime! Happy birthday and keep it hilarious!

You know you are getting old, right, buddy? Let’s celebrate the occasion and have the most amazing birthday party ever!

You know me even better than I know myself, which is something so rare and valuable I’ll never let your friendship die out. Happy birthday and have a great year!

I never knew what friendship really is until you came into my life. On your birthday, I wish you have only good experiences in life and you enjoy the celebrations!

Birthday Wishes For Girl Best Friend

Congratulations, superstar! Keep on shining bright!

Happy birthday to you, my gracious queen!

Souls of besties like us will forever be joined, with no winds of worry able to blow us apart. Have an amazing birthday!

Happy birthday to my lady soulmate, you’ll always have a spot in my heart and I love you so much!

My beautiful friend, you’re amazing in everything you do, you’re a great daughter, sister, and I wish you a very happy birthday.

I really care for this day because it is your birthday! Congratulations bestie!

Short Birthday Wishes for Friends

Anyone would be lucky to be your friend, happy birthday!

May your new year of life be full of blessings. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Hope you feel as special today as you make others feel every day!

Make sure to use every day of your life to its fullest and have a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday to you, looking forward to the celebrations!

Happy b-day my greatest friend! You’re simply the best, compared to the rest!

You were born for greatness, so don’t let anyone get you down! Have a happy birthday!

Touching Birthday Messages for Friends

You are as essential to me as the sun is to flowers, you are my most important friend, happy birthday!

The bond we have is incomparable to anything else and I would not have it any other way. Have a happy birthday!

I am the luckiest person in the world to have you as my friend, it’s such a rare occasion to find a true best friend these days. I love you dearly, happy birthday!

May everything you have dreamed of come true, because you are amazing and deserve it fully.

Having you at my side is a blessing most people don’t have, your presence is a gift itself. Happy birthday, sweet friend!

On your birthday, you deserve every gift you may want, and I can offer the most priceless of them all – a true friendship! Happiest of birthdays, my invaluable pal!

You may think today is your special day, but really, every day with your friendship is special. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

Human stupidity is limitless, infinite and with no bounds. I wouldn’t have ever known this were we not friends. Happy birthday!

Seeing you age makes my heart ache, and seeing you never grow up makes my head ache. Happy birthday!

I didn’t buy you a gift, because you can get the best gift there is – me! No one will get you a gift better than this!

If the candles on a cake showed how intelligent a person is, not their age, you would never have to worry about not being able to blow them out in one go. Have a good celebration!

Finally it’s time to meet; I’ll bring you a delicious treat. Have a fun birthday!

I nearly forgot today is your birthday, but seeing a money on the street reminded me. Have a good one!

Instead of bringing a fancy gift, I pray that your life is healthy and prosperous, because a prayer is free. Happy birthday!

Have a sweet birthday my old friend, take care your dentures don’t fry off when blowing out the candles!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Friends

You will always have God’s guidance and protection, so never lose hope. Brightest days are still ahead. I wish you a great birthday!

Never forget, with age comes wisdom. Getting older is a blessing not a curse. Happy birthday!

Dearest friend, you always advise and help others in times of need, it isn’t easy to be so empathetic. It makes me proud to be your friend.

The older one becomes the wiser they get, and seeing you be so mature and responsible is the best gift one can receive. Never change and have a happy birthday!

With hard work and believing in yourself you can get anything you have hoped and dreamed for. I’ll always be by your side. Happy birthday!

Late Birthday Wishes for Friends

You have my heartfelt apology for missing your birthday, I hope you’re accepting it. Belated wishes are still good wishes, so happy birthday!

It is still not too late for wishing you a happy birthday, so with that in mind I am hoping you don’t mind me missing the right day. Belated wishes of a happy birthday to you!

Since first and final wishes are the most memorable ones, I wanted to be the last person who wishes you a happy birthday. Hope your day was special!

A belated wish is as powerful as a timely one, so I hope that your birthday was great!

Out of my numerous good qualities, timeliness is the one most lacking – happy (belated) birthday, friend!

Life can sometimes get in the way, but forgetting a great friend’s birthday is a terrible thing to do. I’m hoping you understand and accept my late wishes!

We don’t always have the perfect chance to tell our friends that we appreciate them, and when the chance comes, it may be hard to find the right words. Worry not, we got you covered! Choose a fitting greeting from this compilation to use as a birthday message. You are free to choose from our generic or longer, more personalized messages. You could even send your friend a funny photo with a lighthearted caption, or text them a thoughtful message. Any way you choose to honor your friend should bring a smile on their face. Don’t wait any longer – make a loved friend feel special with a message we have generated for you!

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