Blackstone vs Camp Chef: Two Popular Outdoor Griddles Compared

Outdoor griddles have become increasingly popular among cooking enthusiasts, especially when it comes to hosting events and gatherings. Two of the leading brands in this market are Blackstone and Camp Chef. In this article, we will compare these two popular outdoor griddles to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right one for your needs.

Build and Design

Blackstone griddles are known for their sleek design and solid build. With a powder-coated steel frame, these griddles ensure durability, making them a perfect choice for outdoor use. Blackstone offers a range of sizes including 17″, 28″, and 36″, with additional accessories available to customize your cooking experience.

Camp Chef griddles are also built with quality materials, featuring stainless steel construction for enhanced durability and longevity. Their outdoor griddles come in sizes such as 16″ x 24″ and 16″ x 38″, providing users with plenty of options to suit their preferences.

Cooking Surface

Blackstone griddles consist of a non-stick surface made from cold-rolled steel which allows users to cook food evenly and quickly. The grease management system on Blackstone griddles is designed to channel away grease from the cooking surface into a detachable drip tray, making cleaning an easier task after use.

Camp Chef also offers a non-stick cooking surface for their griddles but incorporates cast iron material instead of cold-rolled steel. Cast iron can retain heat better than steel, but may require more maintenance such as seasoning regularly.

Heat Distribution

One of the key factors when choosing an outdoor griddle is efficiency in heat distribution. Blackstone griddles come equipped with multiple burners that cover the entire cooking surface,
ensuring even heat distribution across the unit.Camp Chef griddles also boast an efficient heating system with independently controlled burners that allow precise temperature control across the entire cooking surface.


Price is another essential criterion when comparing these two griddles. Blackstone offers competitive prices in the market, while Camp Chef griddles tend to be on the higher end of the price scale. However, it’s important to note that the quality and durability of both brands are exceptional, so it comes down to personal preference and budget.

Ready-to-Use Features

Blackstone griddles require minimal assembly and can be quickly set up for immediate use. On the other hand, Camp Chef griddles need assembly but also offer additional features such as a folding side shelf and collapsible legs.

Final Thoughts

Both Blackstone and Camp Chef offer high-quality outdoor griddles with excellent build quality and performance. While Blackstone might be a more budget-friendly option, Camp Chef griddles offer greater versatility in some models. When choosing between these two popular outdoor griddle brands, consider your cooking preferences, budget, and culinary needs to find the perfect fit for your outdoor cooking experience.

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