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Game-Based Learning Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for game-based learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Sumdog – Aligned to the Common Core and key state standards, Sumdog provides K-8 learning in math, spelling, and grammar. With an adaptive learning engine, questions are targeted to everyone’s academic learning level providing automatic differentiation in the classroom. Questions are purposefully designed to blend new learning and review. Sumdog is full of engaging activities and games designed to keep students motivated through a focus on game-based learning. With a subscription, teachers have access to detailed reports providing information on progress, effort, skills, and growth against the standards for each student. Sumdog uses a positive reward system to help ensure continued student engagement. For correct answers, students earn gold coins which can be “spent” in Sumdog’s in-app store. There is also an optional pet reward program where each student has a virtual pet that learns one new trick for each new skill the student masters.

Reading Raven This is an educational game designed to help kids build a solid foundation in reading. It makes use of engaging, fun step-by-step reading lessons. This game allows the user to progress using self-paced reading activities. Children go on reading adventures with fly eating frogs, circus acrobats, underwater sea creatures, and more. This app uses children’s imagination to create reading adventures that help solidify their reading skills and strengthen their imagination.

Kidz Match– Kidz Match is a fun game to help jog children’s memory and raise their intelligence; it consists of free matching games that teach about the alphabet, numbers, and body parts. This free downloadable app is available in English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, and German. To reinforce learning, each image is accompanied by an audio clip, appealing to children’s auditory and visual senses. Additional games that use matching games to teach about bugs and professions are available for purchase.

Geo Trainer– Geo Trainer, is a fast-paced game app used by geography students to prepare for their tests. It comes with multiple choice questions about flags, capitals, and various information about different countries. Students can focus on one continent at a time or the entire world.

Wild Kratts Creature Math – Based on the PBS series Wild Kratts, this app helps children practice addition and subtraction while learning science concepts. Children are tasked with building an animal habitat and caring for eight different animals. Wild Kratts Creature Math automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game based on children’s mathematical proficiency, so this app makes an excellent independent activity. There are 16 different home types and food items available to create the animal habitats and 13 reward banners to earn. Children can pet and interact with their animals at any time while learning dozens of interesting animal facts. This app is useful for elementary math classrooms or independent at-home practice.

Amazing Match-Word Learning Games for Kids– Amazing Match blends entertainment and education; it teaches children to spell and pronounce words by developing their concentration levels, cognitive skills, and memory. Amazing Matchis designed for children to play alone or taking turns with other children. 

Learning Games for Kids– Learning Games for Kids provides children with games that help them to learn math, language, science, history, and more. Geared toward preschool to elementary aged children, these games are fun, visually stimulating, and auditorily appealing to keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more.

Learning Patterns-Pattern & Logic Game for Kids Learning Patterns-Pattern & Logic Game for Kids uses interactive games to encourage children learning for children. By teaching patterns and logic, children will learn very crucial developmental skills. Adults can even have fun with this app by encouraging children to play and evolve critical-thinking skills and mental capacity. – A combination dictionary and adaptive learning game,, will help students master new words. The website doesn’t use flashcards or rote memorization. Instead, it exposes students to a variety of questions and activities to help them understand the meaning of the word. has over 500 ready-to-learn vocabulary lists for things like the SAT or TOEFL, or a user can enter their own list of words to master. Teachers can also automatically create a learning activity based on the text they will be teaching in class by simply pasting the text onto the website.

Animals Zoo Flashcards– This educational game features 40 free animal flashcards to help children learn to identify and recognize the sounds the animals make. Includes beautiful images of animals and endangered species, habitats, and places for the entire family to enjoy. Children also learn to spell and pronounce the name of these animals and choose their favorite animal. Bamboozle– Bamboozle is a free educational game that can be used to test cooperation and knowledge among students. Students do not need to create accounts or login to play. It can be projected onto a projector, smartboard, or a monitor. Students can also use this app to assess their performance level by themselves.

Chicken Coop Fractions Game Children learn to convert fractions to decimals through the questions thrown at you in this game. The nest moves to the position you predict; then, the math genius hens fire their eggs toward the correct answer. If your answer is close enough to the correct answer, the egg is caught in the nest. Enhance your child’s fraction estimation abilities by taking advantage of this educational game.

Gro Memo– Gro Memo is not an ordinary memory game but an eco-educational game that enlightens kids about simple environmental knowledge and explains the important sustainability issues simply and interestingly. It uses lots of animation, fun characters, and appealing illustrations in two major environments—the forest and the sea. Play for a better planet and help animals clean up their polluted homes with Gro Memo.

RoomRecess – RoomRecess is a free learning game app in which students can simply load a game activity and have fun while learning. It is committed to providing children with essential skills that are vital to elementary students and their educational process. This game app was developed by primary school teachers committed to basic education in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem-solving.

Amazing Coin– Amazing Coin is an entertaining and educational game designed to help children solve math problems using coins. Nine sections in the game teach children to make purchases, find the sum of coins, match correct pairs, and much more. With this app, children learn to recognize, add, count, pay for items, and give change using coins.

Fundraising Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for fundraising apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your school district or university? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Fresh Schools– This app is designed to help schools save time spent on paperwork, spreadsheets, forms, and mass emails. It is user-friendly and will help to automate school PTA/PTO communications and fundraising. It helps increase parent awareness about children’s progress.

Jovial – This platform encourages cooperative/parent-participation preschools. Manage your preschool’s class rosters, tuition accounting, electronic forms, requirements, parent jobs, fundraising, and much more. Founded by cooperative parents and proudly offered at no charge to nonprofit preschools.

PCR Educator Admissions– This system was designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. PCR Educator Admissions is a management system, which is also capable of handling other aspects of school management such a billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

PCR Educator Classroom Management– The PCREducator Classroom Management system was designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. It can also handle other aspects of school management, such as billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

PCR Educator School Administration Software– The PCR Educator School Administration Software system was designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. It can also handle other aspects of school management, such as billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

PCR Educator School Management Software– PCR Educator School Management Software is a school management system designed to handle every aspect of school management. This system was designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. It can also handle other aspects of school management, such as billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

PCR Educator Student Billing and Accounting– The PCR Educator Student Billing and Accounting platform is a school management system designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. It can also handle other aspects of school management, such as billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

Aplos– Aplos provides online fund accounting software that helps private and charter schools to manage their tuition, finances, and fundraisers.  With Aplos, you can input transactions and generate professional reports without extra spreadsheets and workarounds. Send tuition invoices by email and accept payments securely online. Raise money for special purposes and create reports for your departments. Support and training are always free!

Game Creation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for game creation apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Sketch Nation Create– From kids to adults, Sketch Nation Create allows users of all skill levels to design, create, and play their own online video games. By letting kids explore, investigate, and create games with multiple levels and settings, this app builds game design and coding skills in a fun and interactive manner. Students can design all the characters, obstacles, challenges, and stories in their games and even share them online with family and friends. Budding artists can include their own artwork and photos, bringing their ideas to life. Sketch Nation Create can be used with success in a variety of classes, from art to literacy and beyond!

Scratch– Scratch is a free open network made available by MIT to assist young folks in learning to think and reason systematically. Scratch makes room for students to design and share their coding work with others around the universe. It allows them to create stories, games, and animations to assist in sharing their vision with others on the platform. On this platform, you can program your own interactive

Stick Around– Stick Around is an app where students can play and design sorting and labeling puzzles. Although Stick Around comes with some pre-loaded puzzles such as ordering decimals and classifying rocks, the true value of the app is in its ability to design new puzzles. In three easy steps, students and teachers can create individualized puzzles to review classroom content, create study guides for upcoming tests, and make games for cooperative learning. Stick Around can be used from Pre-K through college by simply adjusting the content of the puzzles: from sorting colors to categorizing powers of different government branches.

The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop– The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop truly provides students the ability to create an infinite variety of games. Students can create platformer games, adventure games, pinball games, paddle and ball games, text puzzles, mazes, and more. The app makes it easy to get started with options, to begin with, a classic game and update it or create a completely new game from your imagination. Games can be small and contain only a single level, or massive. Students can choose from a library of prebuilt characters or build their own. Once games are built, students can play their creations or share them with friends and family. This is a good app for indoor recess, good behavior reward time, or to develop technology literacy.

TinyTap – TinyTap allows teachers to create their own educational games based around their students’ needs, current classroom learning, or simply for fun. Teachers also have access to thousands of games and lessons created by other teachers. With the ability to assign games, lessons, or quizzes as homework and track, which students completed the assignment, including real-time analytics, TinyTap’s content can also be used to teach and support new skills. Teachers can access TinyTap’s learning plans, which are created based on student age and learning needs. These learning plans suggest coursework and games to develop and teach new content and skills. Finally, students can also use TinyTap to create their own content from games to interactive final projects.

Functional Behavior Assessment Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for functional behavior assessment apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

BehaviorManager– This cloud-based PBIS and behavior management platform streamlines the behavior management process in schools. Organize behavior info across teachers and through time. The 1-Click attendance collection minimizes disruption and reduces lost instruction time; 1-Click merit points and rewards reinforce desired behavior, and the auto consequence features help save time. It uses non-punitive auto consequences to change behavior.

Blossom Educational – This is intuitive, comprehensive online learning, assessment, and management software designed for early education centers. It improves learning experiences for nursery children and creates responsive communication channels between parents and teachers. It also records children’s behavior and attitude toward various aspects of their school experience.

Cayen AfterSchool– Cayen is a flexible online program management software for after-school programs. It allows fast, seamless, online registrations, and user-friendly screens that enable quick setup of activities and lessons. With Cayen, you can take attendance, monitor behavior, and export attendance record using the optional biometric finger scanning and bar-coded rosters. An optional payment module is available for making and tracking payments.

ClassDojo– Keep parents informed about their children’s behavior and academic progress using this app. Record student behavior and development; upload photos that were taken throughout the school day to this platform. Students can also add assignments to their portfolio with just one click. You can also send visually aesthetic reports to parents and staff members. 

Classe365– Classe365 is a cloud-based unified education institution management and student information system for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. It provides services such as paperless/online admission, online payment, student behavior analytics, alumni management, grants, and scholarship management.

ClassGather– ClassGather is a tool that provides objective observational data on teaching practices and student behaviors. It acts as a database for digital content. The app is best suited for K-12 and higher education institutions. Data collected helps to inform decision-making processes.

Classpartoo– This is a cloud-based classroom management app that helps teachers deal effectively with their everyday tasks such as recording exam grades, attendance, and student behavior. This app also includes teacher communities where teachers collaborate and share material. School administrators, using this program can set up a functional SIS or integrate it with their existing SIS.

Classpie– Classpie is education management software for direct communication among parents, teachers, students, and administrators. It has a web and app component. The web component allows teachers to manage day-to-day operations such as exams, assignments, timetables, events, and fees. The app lets parents access their child’s performance and behavior and send alert notifications to them as needed.

Classroom Carrots– This free app helps teachers maintain good behavior, encourage student participation, and much more. Student behaviors can be measured instantly on this app, and proper behavior is rewarded. Teachers can record attendance and achievements using the reporting tool, and the rewards book module allows them to interact with parents, build up their classrooms, and distribute stickers around the school.

The Great BehaviorGame– A website-based classroom management game, The Great BehaviorGame allows teachers to monitor student behavior during lessons by awarding points or placing students into timeout status with a single click. Designed for students in Kindergarten through 5thgrade, teachers start the game each morning, and it runs throughout the school day with students earning points and stars for positive behavior and being put in time out or a freeze when their behavior requires a consequence. While in time out or a freeze, students cannot earn points or stars. When removed from time out or freeze status, their points are reset at zero. The Behavior Game keeps track of student scores and provides reports to help teachers troubleshoot student behavior and communicate more effectively with parents and other teachers about both positive and negative student behavior.

TeacherKit– TeacherKit is a virtual classroom assistant app that helps teachers take attendance, add classroom schedules, create and print seating charts, log student behavior, track grades, and student performance, and share relevant information with parents. With the help of TeacherKit, teachers can organize their classrooms and students easily in a single app. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

LiveSchool– This is an interactive reward-based system for improving and tracking student behavior using tools such as behavior points and track rewards. Categories can be customized for students from a phone, tablet, computer, or smartboard. LiveSchool also includes tools for school-wide setup, data tracking, and rewards system. Students can easily view what rewards are available and choose which one to track.

LiveSchool– LiveSchool is an app that makes papers and worksheets a thing of the past. Using the latest and greatest in 3-D technology, LiveSchool provides teachers with CT imaging, data tracking, and a rewards system for tracking students’ behavior. With LiveSchool, children who have behavioral problems may be better understood and taken care of. This app can be used with computers, smartboards, tablets, and phones, and it can be implemented for an entire school.

French Language Learning Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for French language learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

MindSnacks Learn French– With MindSnacks, you can learn any language; this version is focused on learning French. There are nine unique games that you can play to learn vocabulary, conversational skills, reading abilities, speaking skills, and more. You can learn how to order food, make basic conversation, get around, and more. There is one free level and 49 other levels available for purchase.

HiNative–   HiNative is an app specifically designed to ask questions about any language you want and get answers from real native speakers around the world. You can ask questions such as, “How do you say this in German?” “What’s the difference between these two words?” “Is my pronunciation correct?” You can also teach other users about your native language and the uniqueness. We have a friendly, give-and-take community waiting to help!

Mondly– If it is your goal to be bilingual, trilingual, or learn 33 languages, Mondly is an effective tool. This app supports free language learning in Spanish, American English, British English, German, French, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Romanian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Finnish, Indonesian, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Croatian, Finnish, Persian (Farsi), Afrikaans, and Turkish. The forms of learning each language are all unique and high-quality. You will learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, keywords, conversational skills, and more with this app. It is geared toward making any level learner of any age become fluent.

Naver Papago Translate– Papago is a multilingual talking parrot that is ready to help you with all your translation needs. Proficient in 11 languages, Papago can help you on your travels, business trips, and language classes. Papagomeans Parrotin Esperanto, a bird with language and speech abilities. The 11 languages supported on this app are Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Russian.

Quick Study– Quick Study is a great app to help you learn foreign languages. With text-to-speech and audio recordings to help you learn to pronounce words correctly, Quick Study will help you learn one or more of more than five common languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and more. You can easily create lists, vocab sets, and practice your new lessons all for free.

Speak and Translate– Speak and Translate is a voice and text translator that works offline. Offline, ten common languages are available, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish. While using the online mode, there are 117 languages available for text translation and 54 languages available for voice translation. With a section for translation history, users can review past translations or access commonly translated phrases. The app also includes a text-based language detection algorithm for the user that isn’t sure of the source text language. Speak and Translate is currently compatible with iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch.

Busuu– This is an easy to use app that teaches English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and six other languages to its over 60 million users. Language lessons can be scheduled to fit your timetable using the study plan option. Join the growing community of language students on the Busuu platform.

DaySchool– This is a multilingual learning system that supports children learning German, English, and French. It is a solution for independent schools. It includes support for a contact database, admission management, development, report cards, camps, and payments. The system helps educators support and encourage the children in their everyday activities while speaking in their mother tongue.

Gus on the Go: French– This is an app used to learn the French language. With nearly over 90 French words to learn, Gus the friendly owl ensures that your child learns every necessary stuff that is needed through a wonderful guaranteed experience.

Top 10 dissertation Topics on Coronavirus Pandemic for Medical Students


Coronavirus has Non-medical discipline does not require as much hard work or dedication as compared to medical studies. You will find essay writers all over the web who write regarding medical topics. These writers are providing students with unique material and topics.


If you are an aspiring doctor, a physician or a nurse waiting to step into the professional world, you will like this article. You know how different have become for medical students after the break out of the corona pandemic. The disease is becoming fatal every day as it has already killed millions around the globe.

The pandemic will change how we live and treat those who are sick. There is a lot of research done on the topic, yet there is much more to do. If you are a student looking for dissertation topics for your medical studies then look no further.


A dissertation is a formal educational document that researches on a particular topic within a premise. A dissertation is subjective as it follows a particular pattern of order. Dissertations are an essential part of the academics of students if they are a medical student.


If you are a medical student and are not sure about his or her next dissertation topic, look no further. We have compiled a list of the best 10 topics that you can use in your next medical dissertation. Let’s begin!

Coronavirus and Microbiology:

The first thesis topic that we have on our list is the relationship between the coronavirus and microbiology. It is the most anticipated research topic because people do not know much about the virus. The coronavirus is gradually becoming a familiar disease for us, but there is still much that we need to learn.

If, you are a medical student that make sure that you study the relationship of coronavirus with microbiology. Millions of dollars are now invested by companies around the globe to make sure that we find the necessary information on the topic. The Corona Pandemic has killed millions around the world, but we still are not sure of its nature, its intensity, its origin or its treatment

Consider taking this as a thesis topic if you are a medical student because you never know if you will make a breakthrough. Multimillionaire companies are ready to invest in researches that revolve around corona and microbiology.

Replication of Coronavirus within a cell:

The next topic on our list takes a look into how the corona virus-cell tends to spread. The spreading of the virus has made it one of the most deadly viruses that the world has seen. The coronavirus cells are a single-stranded body that spread on contact.

It becomes attached to the membrane of the cell. It makes it nearly impossible to remove the virus without having the required anti-bodies. It is a strong potential topic for your next dissertation if you want to study the virus and how it spreads.

Coronavirus and its carriers:

An interesting topic to study is how coronavirus affects animals and humans. There are a lot of international researches on the topic to see how the different carriers react to the virus. Scientists are taking these researches on animals to include and rule out the animals affected and immune to the coronavirus.

It is still a nascent field and requires years of research and expertise. You can step into this research if you feel like you can do it.

Coronavirus and its transmission:

We are already doing a lot of brainstorming and debates over the matter of coronavirus. We initially believed that the virus spreads to contact only. However, scientists claim that it is airborne as well. The new findings have changed how we perceive and prevent the disease. The world will see a huge difference in the strategy against corona if the more factors of transmission come forward through research.

This topic will prove to be the most crucial ones as it determines our interaction and defence against the deadly disease.

Signs and symptoms:

It is a controversial topic to consider because the symptoms are completely subjective. Shortness of breath, fever, cough and other factors were first identified as the signs of a corona patient. However, there were millions of cases who were asymptomatic (they did not show any symptoms.

According to statistics, more than 50% of the transmissions occur because of A-symptomatic patients because they do not follow precautions. Most of these carriers are young people who infect others.

Gender-based study of coronavirus:

Another unique aspect of corona research is to study the effects of the virus on men and women. Scientists have started working on the classification of the intensity and the damage of the symptoms according to gender. Researchers wish to confirm if the coronavirus affects the men and women equally.

Other noticeable factors that are also considered in this study are family history, age groups and gender. You need to follow a comparative strategy when working on research like this.

Diagnostic and testing:

There is no absolute system to detect coronavirus in the human body. The current tests are merely a potential indicator and do not ensure 100% reliability. Thus it is a good topic to start working on if you are medical students.

Imagine the kind of work you would do if you could highlight all the diagnostics with accuracy. It would change the fight against corona completely. The current testing methods include taking a cotton swab and inserting into the respiratory tract. Doctors diagnose the patient based on the data that comes after the testing. However, this method is not always correct, and there is a huge chance of making errors.

Prevention against Corona:

We have all heard how prevention is better than cure. It is what doctors have suggested for a long time. Preventive measures against corona include physical distancing, wearing masks and much more. However, there could be additional steps that we can take to ensure that we stay safe from the virus. You can work on the topic and discover new ways to prevent the virus.

Vaccination for the virus:

It is the most obvious and the most popular dissertation topic at the moment. People from all over the world are trying to formulate a vaccine against coronavirus. Various countries have claimed to find the antidote but, we have still not seen promising results.

It is a good way to start your research, who knows you could be the one who cracks the problem!

Treatment of Corona:

The biggest reason why millions of people have died is that there is no solid treatment for the virus. Countries suffered through the disease as people kept dying. Essay writers are urging medical students to start working on the treatment because Medical students need to work on finding permanent treatment for the virus. They can save millions of more lives from dying if they can be successful in this venture.

Fraction Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for fraction apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

4 Dice– 4 Dice Fraction Games is a math game designed to teach fractions to middle and upper elementary school students. The app teaches by first giving the answer and then working backward to teach students the methods in a fun and interactive way. Teachers receive instant email feedback about their students’ progress.

Fog Stone Isle– This website and app use brain-based research techniques to teach fractions to kids. Students try their hands at engaging video games with guidance from a character named Cyril. By keeping the fictional world of the Gruffins safe, kids learn crucial concepts about fractions.

Fruity Fractions – Fruity Fractions is a game used to teach basic fraction concepts to kids from first through third grade. The game features 50 puzzle-solving levels with increasing difficulty. At each stage of the game, specially tailored instructions are given to teach simple and complex fraction concepts. The app is simple to use and easy to navigate.

Chicken Coop Fractions Game–  Children learn to convert fractions to decimals through the questions thrown at you in this game. The nest moves to the position you predict; then, the math genius hens fire their eggs toward the correct answer. If your answer is close enough to the correct answer, the egg is caught in the nest. Enhance your child’s fraction estimation abilities by taking advantage of this educational game.

Conceptua FractionsOnline Courses– An online platform that takes teaching and learning of mathematics to a whole different level. The curriculum includes tutor guides for topics such as division, fractions, mathematical investigations, and much more. Students learn by what they see and experience.

Fractions by Brainingcamp– Fractions by Brainingcamp is suitable for kids between the age of 9 and 14. It provides all the materials needed for teaching and learning by using practice questions, challenging games, lesson narration, and manipulation of virtual elements. It covers all aspects of fractions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equivalents, and common denominators.

Fractions. Smart Pirates– This app is a great way for students to work with fractions if they have had problems learning fractions. The app teaches fractions in easy to understand and fun ways by offering topics such as recognition of fractions, equivalent fractions, and comparison. This is an app for parents and teachers who want to help students learn fractions as quickly as possible.

Sums Stacker – Sums Stacker provides lots of addition and subtraction practice within a mathematical game setting using different number representations. Younger students can use fingers or dice as number representations because they are easily countable. More advanced students can choose between 25 other number representations, including Braille, U.S. coins, and fractions. To play, numbers are piled into three stacks with each stack having a target number. Students move numbers from stack to stack until each stack equals the associated target number. Sums Stacker comes with three modes (solve, infinity, and race) and two difficulty levels (easy and hard).

Amplify Fractions – This is an intuitive website that offers comprehensive fraction lessons for kids. It is split into four parts: introduction to fractions, equivalence, and comparison, adding and subtracting, and multiplying and dividing. It uses a storytelling approach to teach and engage students before the practice questions that come after each lesson. Teachers create custom classrooms that students join using codes. They can also monitor progress and generate reports based on the Common Core Standards.

Lumio – Lumio is a group of games that teach math topics such as geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, and fractions to children in kindergarten through third grade. Lumio allows teachers to create adult and children profiles that save progress automatically. New content is added bi-weekly. Lumio is available for a short free trial period, after which users pay to continue using the app.

Fraction Mash – Fraction Mash is a math-oriented spinoff of Face-Mash-Up. Players divide pictures into two equal parts and keep the half they want. The saved halves are used to create colorful collages and mashups. The saved halves can also be used in addition exercises in which children change denominators and numerators to see how that affects the image.

Free Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for free apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Google Apps for Education– Google Apps for Education offers several free apps available for educators and parents. With this app, students can work together on their files with a live display showing what part is being edited by whom. Also, students can come together in a group to create a diagram, prepare a presentation with a slideshow, and so on.

Kialo – Kialo is a free platform created to host insightful debates and discuss complex issues. Users can join in on current discussions or create new threads, and these threads can be made open or restricted to the public. After the topic is out, users can either be for (pro) or against (con) and add their opinions (claims). Kialo allows topic creators to moderate claims so that they are fresh, stay on topic, and are non-offensive.

TypingClub–  This website is designed to teach people how to type using the touch-typing method. The website and lessons are free. TypingClub teaches kids the parts of the keyboard, finger placement, and other skills needed to become proficient. The app also offers interesting games for kids to do between lessons.

Endless Wordplay: School Edition – Kids learn to form words using only the letters that the Alphabot has shaken out of place. Children tap on letters to hear the sounds they make, and they arrange them in the correct order to form words. Each stage of the game gets progressively harder, and the words also get longer as they proceed through the game. The personal version is free and includes three of the 90 available modules, while the school edition has a fixed cost.

Google Classroom– You can carry out most of your classroom operations in one comfortable location with the Google Classroom app. Administering quizzes, giving classwork and homework, and making announcements are made easier with this app. The Google Classroom works in unity with other Google apps such as Google Docs. Thus, students can work in cooperation on assignments and automatically save their work on Google Doc.

PBS LearningMedia – is available for free to all pre-K through 12th-grade educators across the U.S. The educational platform offers classroom-ready content aligned to state and national standards, compatible with the technological tools that teachers use most throughout their classroom, such as Google Classroom, Clever, and Remind. The platform can be used by teachers in a variety of ways, including identifying and organizing their curated resources; reviewing a list of their state’s standards; managing class assignments; and creating lesson plans, puzzles, and quizzes for students.

Digital Civics Toolkit – This free website is designed for teachers to use as a resource for lessons on modern civic engagement and participation. It features five modules to use in interacting with students: Participate, Investigate, Dialogue, Voice, and Action. Each of these modules is designed to provide students with political awareness.

NaturalReader – NaturalReader is a resource for children with reading difficulties, even those without any learning disability. It works by copying text from any supported source into the tool. The free version works fine on documents, and the paid version allows users to save sound files they create and add NaturalReader to their toolbar. Spell checking, conversation control, and an OCR (Optical Character Reader) functions are available in the paid version.

Foundational Reading Building Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for foundational reading apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Whooo’s Reading – The goal of Whooo’s Reading is accelerated reading comprehension and improved writing skills. By using open-ended questions instead of the standard true/false and multiple-choice style, students are required to think independently about texts. The Whooo’s Reading program automatically reminds students to improve their writing by asking them to cite evidence or answer all the parts of a question. Teachers can monitor student’s reading with automatic quiz results, graded by the Whooo’s Reading app, available in the teacher dashboard. To increase student motivation, students earn Wisdom Coins for reading and writing. These can be spent on accessories and items for their Owlvatars (owl avatars).

BiblioNasium– A website exclusively for children between the ages of 6 and 13. It aims to promote the reading habit among children. Equipped with peer and parental controls, it presents an effective and stimulating program for the user. Using this app, you can adapt reading to fit the child’s needs, monitor his/her reading log, and help the child explore a variety of reading genres. Reading data is saved online and is always accessible.

PocketPhonics Stories – This is an interactive phonics app that teaches children to read. It provides individual supervision in a classroom setting. After setting up the classroom, teachers can choose a handwriting style, case, and six letters that children can learn per lesson. After learning the letters, students move on to reading with them, along with a few sight words. At the end of the book, students take tests on word and picture recognition and progress after completion.

Curriculet  This reading platform aims at overhauling and changing the way children study and the way teachers teach. Programmed questions and instructions pop up while a child is reading a text from the class. Using this tool, teachers can personalize the reading experience for their students; it also helps them to create and share the contents of their study digitally.

 Kids A-Z Children can select from a library of eQuizzes, eBooks, and hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources by using the Kids A-Z mobile app. Students can complete corresponding quizzes to improve their comprehension skills and use interactive annotation tools that aid in the development of close reading skills. Kids A-Z mobile app is a must-have for kids that have access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, Headsprout, or Raz-plus. technology into schools than to use it for evaluating them and finding ways to benefit them.

Raz-Kids– Raz-kids is a website built to help teachers track their students’ progress in level-based reading challenges that span 29 interactive levels. On the site, teachers can easily track each student’s progress with the eQuizes comprehension tests that come with the over 400 eBooks. More books are added every month. Students can be digitally assessed via the online records generated by the site after the student take an eQuiz. The app always aims to strengthen the connection between home and classroom by allowing students to be connected to the learning resources.

Reading Raven– This is an educational game designed to help kids build a solid foundation in reading. It makes use of engaging, fun step-by-step reading lessons. This game allows the user to progress using self-paced reading activities. Children go on reading adventures with fly eating frogs, circus acrobats, underwater sea creatures, and more. This app uses children’s imagination to create reading adventures that help solidify their reading skills and strengthen their imagination.

Reading Trainer – Reading Trainer helps users to not only read texts of all types faster and more effectively but also with great retention. It is designed with a PowerReader to double your reading speed by an average of 143 percent within 10 days. Combining the iPhone with this new app provides the ideal platform to achieve measurable results with a minimum of effort.

Reading Kingdom The Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children between the ages of four and ten years old to read and write to a third-grade standard. This reading program makes available six new skill models of reading methods that use elements of phonics and whole language to teach skills that make reading and writing easy and successful. The app was built to circumvent the problems of phonics and whole language.

Monkey Word School Adventure – The Monkey Word School Adventure app uses six exercises to help children learn the basics of reading using phonics and word groups. The app allows children to enter their names to personalize the jungle-like experience, led by the Word Monkey. The completion of a round is rewarded with animals and plants that children can add to their terrarium. The app supports up to three accounts, so different children can use the same app.

Fostering School and Community Collaboration Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that you can use to foster school and community collaboration? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Schoolbox – Schoolbox is designed to support the learning and engagement of K-12 schools. This platform contains all the features required to connect, communicate, and collaborate with parents, teachers, students, and the broader school community.

SIMS – This is an ERP system designed to handle the administrative needs of colleges and universities through financial management and engaging the entire school community. SIMS is an intelligent, integrated, fully managed IT solution-as-a-service; this single platform can handle schools that have multiple boards and colleges/universities that offer various disciplines. No software purchase is needed; users only pay for services used.

Formal Writing Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for formal writing apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Writing Prompts – Writing Prompts uses current events, random words, scenes, sketches, genres, and text to provide hundreds of writing prompts for whole class or individual student use. Simply swipe through the available prompts until one strikes your fancy or save favorite prompts in a favorites folder for easy access later. With additional packs of prompts available for purchase, there are millions of prompt possibilities so students will never run out of things to write about.

StudySync ELA – is a complete English Language Arts curriculum designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of today’s classroom. With over 2000 works of literature –with an increasingly diverse selection of titles in English and Spanish, StudySync is now available for students and teachers. StudySync’s unmatched blend of contemporary and classic literature comes together with the program’s rigorous reading routines to dynamically instruct students toward mastery. The robust skill lessons ensure students build foundational language and comprehension skills, as well as reading, writing, and research on inquiry skills every day. Resources are organized around a first read, a close read, and an associated skill lesson. English learner skill lessons emphasize explicit vocabulary instruction, language acquisition, and reading comprehension.

SyncBlasts – offers reading and writing assignments that present engaging, inquiry-based instruction in Science. Providing a variety of rich read/write lessons with multimedia resources—including a news show, Previews, and Explainer videos—SyncBlasts is designed to intellectually engage students and foster academic inquiry and conversation. Science SyncBlasts delve deep into scientific research and discoveries—all through a contemporary lens. The writing prompts are aligned to standards and offer reading comprehension, a student QuikPoll, and compelling discussion questions to support student inquiry. New SyncBlasts, presenting a variety of voices and perspectives with vetted, age-appropriate, compelling research links, are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels. A selection of SyncBlasts lessons is available in Spanish.

Grammarly– Grammarly is your personal grammar coach and an automated proofreader that helps students get better in the proper use of grammar and gain confidence in their writing ability. Grammarly helps correct about 10 times more mistakes than common word processors, and it corrects more than 150 types of grammatical errors and does a plagiarism check.

Pass The Quarantine Productively By Taking Online Classes And Learning New, Useful Skills!

Pass The Quarantine Productively By Taking Online Classes And Learning New, Useful Skills!

Tired of sitting at home? Why not utilize this time and be productive!

The emergence of Covid-19 has changed the circumstances of our living. Due to the spreading of the deadly virus, all the activities have halted. With this coronavirus sending everyone inside, you must be thinking about what to do with this extra time at home. You can use this extra time to be productive instead of wasting time watching movies, listening to music, or sleeping. Thanks to the technology that has caused us to utilize our time productively, even sitting on our couch.

You can utilize your time and can pass the quarantine productively by taking online classes and learning new and useful skills. If you are getting away from enrolling in an online class because of online exams, then worry no more. You can hire some professional exam taker and ask them to take my exam for me. Let’s have a look, how you can be productive in this quarantine.

Things to Do In Quarantine 

We still have to spend some more time in quarantine then why not consider self-quarantine as a blessing and use it to do something good. Here we have gathered a list of things for you that will help you to utilize this time productively and will increase your skills. Let’s use this time productively by doing the following interesting things.

  1. Machine learning Course

If you love talking to machines and want to interact with them, then you can opt for machine learning courses. There are many online websites such as; Udemy, Coursera, Alison, etc. where you can search for any machine language you want. Python and C++ are the trending machine languages that have high scope in the market. If you learn these machine languages, you can easily get a job in any firm. Machine languages are used in the field of electronics for programming robots and other devices to operate. Learning machine languages will strengthen your resume and will make your profile strong.

  1. Learn Java 

You can enroll yourself in online Java courses. Java is also one of the programming languages which helps in making mobile applications, games, web-based applications, websites, and graphics. If you get too good at this, you can also earn money by cashing this talent. So, what are you waiting for? Learn Java and experiment with your learning skills.

  1. Graphics Designing Course

If you are good at drawing or sketching things, then you can use this talent by converting it into digital form. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchBook, etc. are the digital applications that you can use to create animations, posters, banners, sketches, and can create interesting things. You can select any graphics designing course to learn this software and its operations. Tut Plus website is the right platform to learn Photoshop. This will help you in increasing your graphics skills and will make you pass your quarantine productively. Additionally, there is a great demand for a graphic designer in the job market. Do not wait and learn this skill to earn a great sum in this quarantine.

  1. Website Development 

 You cannot deny the fact that web developers are always in demand. Almost every organization either small scale or large scale business needs a web developer for their websites. On Up Work, People per Hour, Odesk, Fiverr, etc. mostly web developers are demanded. You can also become a Web Developer and can do freelancing to earn money. This one of the skills if you learned will never lose its demand. Thus, you can learn this new skill by enrolling yourself in an online Web Development course. upGrade is a fantastic online course to learn “Front end web development” for free. Learn this skill and create a strong resume for yourself.

  1. English Language Skills

 You can use this extra time to improve your weaknesses as well. If you think you have English language skills, then it is the time to turn your weaknesses into your strengths. There are many English courses available on the Internet that helps you to improve your reading, listening, and writing skills. You can improve your grammar and sentence structure. You can even learn different forms of writing such as; essays, letters, stories, books, blogs, web-content, memos, etc. It will not only enhance your English language but will also open the door of opportunities for you, such as; content writing, teaching, and many more.

You can become a writing expert and can even work as a freelancer. Do not waste your time anymore and enhance your English language skills.

  1. Blogging 

 Blogging is trending these days. You can also spend your quarantine productively by starting your blog. But for this, you need to learn some tips and tricks. It is the right time to do this. Take a small blogging course and learn how to publish your forts blog on Word Press. Blogging will not only pass your time but will allow you to express your opinions and thoughts with the entire world. So what are you waiting for? Learn to blog and start interacting with the world now.

  1. Digital Marketing 

 Do you love marketing? If yes, then why not learn it professionally? Digital marketing is a vast field and is ingrained in our lives. You can enter the field of marketing and can do great. Enroll yourself in any digital marketing course and learn different strategies of marketing. Once you get certified in this course, no one can stop you from earning thousands! Get started with the digital marketing course in this quarantine and become a professional marketer.

  1. Different Languages

 If you have an interest in knowing different languages, then you should utilize your time in learning languages. Doing this will not only pass your time but will also count as a strong skill in your resume. If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies, then this skill will help you. E.g. if you are planning to take admission in any University of Germany or Chinese, according to their rules, it is mandatory to know German and Chinese language respectively.

If you want to learn different languages then Duolingo is the best platform for this purpose. Learn languages and engage yourself in being productive.

  1. Learn Guitar 

You can learn guitar at this time if you love playing music. Music helps to refresh the mood and makes a person happy, especially in this quarantine where depression and sadness are everywhere. Opt for an online guitar course and enhance your music skills.

  1. BlockChain 

Blockchain is a new and revolutionary technology that will alter the dynamics. Just like cryptocurrency, the blockchain is new in the field. Shortly, this field is going to have a bright future. Become a blockchain expert and contribute your part in changing your future.

These are the few productive and easy things which you can do to pass your quarantine. Instead of wasting time, use it to benefit yourself by being productive. So what are you waiting for? Select an online course and learn something new which interests you! If your online exams are troubling you, then you can ask some professional expert to take my class and enjoy your quarantine!



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