Books to Read With Kids After a Tragedy


Experiencing a tragedy can be challenging for people of all ages, but it can be especially difficult for children who may not fully understand the complexities of the situation. One of the best ways to help them process their feelings and emotions is through reading books that address such topics. Here are some excellent books to read with your kids after experiencing a tragedy.

1. The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

This heartwarming story helps children understand that they’re always connected to the people they love, even when they’re not physically present. It’s an excellent book for helping kids cope with separation and loss.

2. The Memory Box: A Book About Grief by Joanna Rowland

The Memory Box is a touching book about a girl who creates a memory box to help her remember her beloved grandmother. The book provides a meaningful way for children to think about their own memories and experiences of loss.

3. Healing Days: A Guide For Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma by Susan Farber Straus

This interactive workbook is designed to help children who have experienced trauma better understand their feelings and emotions. The book can be read together with a parent or therapist, and it includes many activities to engage kids in the healing process.

4. A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M. Holmes

This book is an ideal choice for helping young children cope with trauma in age-appropriate ways. The story follows Sherman, a raccoon who has witnessed something terrible, as he learns how to deal with his confusing emotions and fears.

5. When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

Using relatable dinosaur characters, this picture book helps kids understand death in simple and accessible terms. Although the situations discussed are fanciful, the message remains poignant for those experiencing loss.

6. When Something Terrible Happens: Children’s Grief Workbook by Marge Eaton Heegaard

By providing children with a creative outlet to express their emotions, this workbook offers a healthy way to cope with traumatic events. The book includes drawing activities and insightful prompts that encourage reflection on the grieving process.


In times of tragedy, it’s vital to acknowledge and address the emotions of children. Utilizing these insightful books will help guide your kids through the healing process by providing age-appropriate tools, language, and resources. By reading together and discussing the themes within these books, you can offer your child comfort, understanding, and hope for brighter days ahead.

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