BP Essay Topics

BP Essay Topics

  1. The B.P. Oil Spill and its Consequences
  2. British Petroleum: SWOT Evaluation
  3. Results of The B.P. Oil Spill
  4. Effects of B.P’s Macondo Oil Explosion on American Society
  5. Deep Horizon and B.P’s Incident in The Gulf of Mexico
  6. Chinese and American Marketing Methods Used by British Petroleum
  7. British Petroleum: The April 20, 2010 Oil Spill at The Gulf of Mexico’s “Deepwater Horizon”
  8. Business Research: British Petroleum (B.P.)
  9. Maintaining Acceptability and Relevance: B.P. Plc
  10. Corporation for Social Responsibility in Britain
  11. Planning for Management: B.P. Oil Company
  12. Restructuring Stakeholder Perception of B.P. Plc
  13. Market Investigation: B.P. Oil
  14. Analysis of British Petroleum Company
  15. Oil Spill Caused by Corporate Crime
  16. Mergers and Acquisitions Considerations for B.P. in Russia
  17. Response of B.P. To The Gulf of Mexico Crisis
  18. Effects of The B.P. Oil Spill on U.S. Gulf Coast Oysters and Clams
  19. K. Petroleum: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  20. The Lawsuit Against British Petroleum for Product Liability
  21. Case Study: B.P.’S Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill in Leadership Theory and Practice
  22. United States Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and British Petroleum
  23. Oil Spill from B.P.’S Deepwater Horizon
  24. Training and Development for B.P. Employees
  25. Damage Done to The Environment by The B.P. Oil Spill

Essay Topics on British Petroleum

  1. Changes to B.P.’S Organization After the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in Companies: Shell and B.P.
  3. Battle of the British Petroleum vs. New British Library
  4. United Kingdom Petroleum Industry
  5. An Account of B.P.’S Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Demonstrates Leadership Theory and Practice
  6. P. Gulf Oil Disaster and PAHs from 2010
  7. British Petroleum Crisis Analysis for 2010
  8. The Business Ethics and Strategy of B.P. Energy Company
  9. Crisis Management by British Petroleum
  10. Ethical Conundrum of B.P. Oil Company
  11. British Petroleum: Organizational Social Performance
  12. Company Analysis of B.P.’S Organizational Communication
  13. Corporate Social Responsibility of the British Petroleum Corporation
  14. The Case Involving British Petroleum: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  15. British Petroleum: Corporate Cultures and Public Policy
  16. The Social Responsibility of the British Petroleum Company
  17. Knowledge Management of British Petroleum Company
  18. Future of British Petroleum’s Global Business
  19. Oil Spill from B.P.’S Deepwater Horizon
  20. Performance Evaluation of British Petroleum Company
  21. Gulf Coast Oil Spill Resolved by B.P. Company
  22. The Insurance Strategy and Risk Management of B.P. Company
  23. The B.P. Company: Energy Sector Strategic Planning
  24. Planning Strategically for The British Petroleum Company
  25. Marketing of British Petroleum Company’s Products

B.P. Essay Titles

  1. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill by B.P. Company
  2. Risk Management Practices at GlaxoSmithKline, B.P., and EasyJet
  3. Reputation-Building for British Petroleum
  4. Management of Crises: British Petroleum
  5. Positioning British Petroleum Strategically and Competitively
  6. The Baku Pipeline and The Code of Ethics of British Petroleum
  7. Branding and Sponsorship by British Petroleum Corp.
  8. Audit of Responsible Management at British Petroleum
  9. Following The Deepwater Horizon Disaster, British Petroleum
  10. Failure of The Corporate Governance at British Petroleum Company
  11. Organizational Readiness and Risk Management at British Petroleum
  12. The Plan for British Petroleum Company’s Risk Workshop
  13. Alternative Energy from British Petroleum
  14. Information and Communication Technologies Overview: Tesco, Walmart, British Petroleum, and The Royal Bank of Scotland
  15. Environmental and Social Performance of British Petroleum
  16. Exploration by B.P.: Strategic Decisions
  17. Colombian British Petroleum
  18. The Impact of Oil on The Global Economy: The B.P. Oil Spill
  19. Problem with B.P. Company Oil Spill
  20. P.: The Use of Water in The Oil and Gas Sector
  21. The Main Issues Affecting B.P. Company
  22. How The B.P. Company Upholds the Principle of Human Dignity
  23. The Deepwater Horizon Disaster and B.P. Ltd.’s Financial Reporting
  24. Oil Spill and Reputation of B.P. Corporation
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