Breaking Curses and Records: K-12 Adventures in Chicago Cubs’ World Series Glory


When it comes to baseball history, one of the most iconic and celebrated teams is the Chicago Cubs. Known for their numerous appearances in the World Series and for breaking their century-long championship drought, introducing students to this rich history can be both educational and entertaining. In this article, we’ll delve into how many times the Cubs have won the World Series and some of the best ways to teach students about their accomplishments.

Cubs’ World Series Victories

The Chicago Cubs have won the prestigious World Series Championship a total of three times. The club first claimed victory in 1907, followed by another triumph in 1908, securing back-to-back championships. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that they would once again win this sought-after title, breaking a 108-year championship drought – one of the longest in professional sports history.

Teaching Strategies to Engage Students

1. Historic Overview

Begin by providing an overview of baseball’s history and its significance in American culture. Discuss how professional baseball leagues evolved over time and introduce some of its key moments, culminating with an emphasis on the Chicago Cubs’ track record in the World Series.

2. Timeline Activity

Using visual aids and interactive resources such as timelines or infographics, highlight milestone events leading up to each of the Cubs’ victories, including team statistics, key players, significant games, and any noteworthy controversies or rivalries.

3. Multimedia Presentations

Showcase documentaries or recap videos narrating each championship season’s exciting journey. By combining visuals and storytelling elements with facts and statistics, students will be more engaged and develop a deeper appreciation for the team’s accomplishments.

4. Classroom Debate

Encourage friendly debates or discussions around popular topics like ranking championship seasons or comparing different MLB teams’ achievements. This dynamic approach will stimulate critical thinking and enable students to draw their own conclusions based on historical facts.

5. Guest Speakers

Invite former Cubs players, coaches, or experts in sports history to speak with the class about their experiences and share insights into the team’s successful seasons. These firsthand accounts are invaluable, providing a personal touch and making the learning experience more relatable and memorable.

6. Field Trip

Organize a field trip to the Cubs’ historic home stadium, Wrigley Field, in Chicago, Illinois. Let students explore the ballpark, learn about its unique features, and gain an understanding of the atmosphere during a World Series game.


Teaching students about the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victories not only promotes interest in sports history but also offers valuable life lessons. The Cubs’ resilience, determination, and teamwork inspire students to embrace challenges and adapt to changing circumstances. By utilizing various teaching methods and resources, educators can create engaging lessons that will captivate students while expanding their knowledge of this uniquely American pastime.

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