Brilliant Bubble Activities for Kids

There’s no need to be a scientist to get started with bubble activities for kids. All you need is a couple of cups and some bubble material. Here are five of the most popular bubble activities for kids.

1. Bubble Paint Monsters

These bubble paint monsters are a wonderful way for kids to experiment with paint. Using straws, googly eyes, and colorful paints makes this bubble art activity exceptional for kids. Begin making these adorable monsters today!

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2. Rainbow Bubbles

This reusable bubble concoction provides your child with delightful bubble activities! The flubber is very squishy and extremely stretchy! It also makes a terrific science lesson. Pop the reusable bubble, and you will be left with a fun and fascinating sensory play object!

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4. Bubble Blower

This DIY bubble blower is super simple to make and very easy for kids to use! It is also terrific for building oral motor skills which allow kids to form clearer speaking sounds. Make this bubble soap concoction with Dawn dish soap or a tear-free bubble bath and water.

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5. Whisking Bubbles

Kids love bubbles! Create this interactive container of bubbles to keep your child engaged and entertained. Allow them to use whisks and other utensils from your kitchen to mix and swirl around the soap bubbles. This is one of the fantastic bubble activities for kids that can be used outside or indoors.

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