Can America Afford Free College for All?

Free college for all.

In theory it sounds great – but can we truly afford it and even if we could, is it the wisest choice?

Bernie Sanders is proposing free college education in the U.S. As evidenced by a tweet the Wall Street Journal posted online, Sanders’ proposition calls for an estimated $750 Million for tuition-free public college. Sanders is also proposing approximately $5.5 Million be dedicated to disadvantaged youth securing jobs and an unknown figure earmarked for a Pre-K/Child Care program.

College is obviously an expensive endeavor and can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $100,000 per year depending on the university and degree being pursued. This is a huge price tag and the resources to pay for free public college education would likely be pulled from military spending, Wall Street and by taxing the one percent of wealthy Americans. With our government already over $19 Trillion in debt, would this even be enough to fund Sanders’ proposal?

Some theorize that by spending more to make college education available at no cost, it lessens the worth of the degree itself. By providing free college, it may turn needing a master’s degree into the new expectation with a doctorate being what’s required to truly set yourself apart from the pack. Employers may begin to expect candidates to have a master’s degree or above to qualify for positions. Keep in mind however that grade school was once considered something for a select group and public schools have significantly elevated the state of the country by providing that education for free. Could free college, similar to our public school system, elevate us all again?

By providing free college education, do you believe it will diminish the value of education or enhance our nation’s workforce?

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