Can You Use Your IEP in College?

College is a new and exciting experience for students. Some students may feel that they do not need an Individualized Education Program (IEP) because attending the program is not part of their plan. However, if a student is received the same services in high school, they are still considered to attend IEP. An IEP should be updated when a student changes their educational level to meet the student’s needs. Additionally, their IEP should be updated to reflect the student’s current skills and abilities.

To make it simple, read this list of some things to bear in mind regarding IEP:

First, your IEP should be updated to reflect the changes in your educational program since high school. For example, if you’ve completed a specialized program at a two-year college, your IEP should reflect this change.

Second, your IEP should be tailored specifically to your needs as a student with a disability. This means that your advisors and professors should be briefed on your IEP and be able to provide accommodations when necessary.

Finally, be aware that not all colleges accept IEPs. Your IEP may need to be modified or entirely replaced if it’s incompatible with the school’s curriculum. But, by following these guidelines, you can ensure that your IEP is a valuable tool as you continue your education.

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